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  1. Many times God’s option with mankind has been to chose between bad & worse or fraud & godless!

  2. Absalom didn't rape his sister though. Amnon, his half-brother, did. Absalom just killed Amnon out of anger/revenge for it.

  3. Loving neighbor as yourself is one thing (willing to take a bullet) and getting married or getting into businesses partnerships are another.. Just do a Google search on recent ugly Hollywood divorces! Think also about the disaster it is for your kids and family involved. Some Business also get into fraud etc, because of one partner.

  4. Hinduism meditation is mostly emptying your mind whereas Bible is about, filling your mind with word of God.

  5. My church, an AG one , does a back ground check with SSN, before you can volunteer in any kid’s ministry; I don’t know about other ministries. First I felt it was an overkill.

  6. IMO bible encourages us to examine ourselves in the light of Word of God. I assume the examining part is “whether am I the good guy or bad guy”. Also as my mentor advised, when you hear a testimony, even if you get into a similar situation, you may not follow the same steps. You remember that, the God who delivered that person is the same God, who can deliver you too.

  7. We are expecting a cleaned up, dressed up, prodigal son! May be it’s just that, as “older son(s & daughters)” we were supposed to find the “lost bothers and sisters” and remind him about the love of God, bring them home, let Heavenly Father do the clean up!

  8. You might get better answer from academic scholars. But this kinda covers a lot -

  9. Lot of people made fun of Billy Graham rule, when Pence made it popular.. Them #metoo hit, companies were replacing all doors with glass doors & men were refusing to mentor women altogether

  10. Early in my career, I wasn’t paid well. My account manager asked me that he can’t arrange for a bigger hike, talking to my manager. When I prayed, Lord said don’t accept it. Another colleague of mine did. I thought God doesn’t like me being rich. Anyway few months later project got messed up and that manager kept calling my colleague late in the night to get the issues sorted. He was sleepless , tired and was in a bad spot. I got my hike in due time anyway.

  11. Because He wanted to use the people of Israel as a means of divine judgement to punish the wickedness of those peoples. Israel was an instrument in those moments of God's righteous anger against the wickedness of those peoples.

  12. Where is the evidence? I'm just unsure about whether to believe or not, we will just have to wait and see I guess.

  13. I’m not sure I understand this quote. Paying the mortgage, heat, food, gas— these are not Godly?

  14. I guess, he meant, outside basic necessities. Of course for some, best car is a necessity \s.

  15. OK, if the OP is Syrian Monophysite, I stand corrected.

  16. I grew up in marthoma church in india , they are a reformed church, split from traditional church. A reformist threw off all saint worship, translated Syriac liturgy to Malayalam etc. Old church is split for different reason (Orthodox & Jacobites), but AFAIK still follow Syriac-Aramaic liturgy..

  17. Definition of murder in society has changed over time but The Word of God remains! Whether it’s slaves (East European or black), lower caste people, eunuchs, natives, many were not considered people! Which also means killing them may not have been murder! It’s not a western thing alone!

  18. New Testament doesn’t have tithe concept, since they were giving everything they had extra. Barnabas sold land he had. I assume they didn’t sell their own houses, since they were meeting in own houses!

  19. Christians were not encouraged to collect interest on loans IMO, but Jews had no restrictions. So many Jews were money lenders and pretty rich . Sadly Jews got caught in the middle, by virtue of their success . Even dramas portrayed them as cold hearted people! eg : Shylock from Merchant of Venice (

  20. Bible says Jesus is the only way, not just for Jews, but for gentiles as well, including Arabs & others

  21. My wife and I used to watch hoarders video together.. After watching few, I hate stuff, feels like throwing it all, going minimalist.. 😊 YMMV.

  22. Great advice exclamation we do that too. My children, the older ones, they're a bit horrified by it, they've watched hoarders with her as well. And are quite non-judgmental.

  23. Not all battles are worth fighting for. Especially on character traits, which are not sin. No one is perfect, I don’t know whether it makes sense. God bless.

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