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  1. i have no idea but i'm commenting because this is cute & i'd also like to know how/where to find something like it

  2. As someone else pointed out basically any laptop on battery power will run out in like thirty minutes if rendering, so keep that in mind when choosing a computer. And yes, you do want best possible GPU for render speed, but RAM and CPU are also vital for handling, say, models with very high poly count.

  3. I'm also someone who games. What kind of issues have you encountered?

  4. Effect radio waves on a solid layer & set to use image as a source, then apply a color gradient to a solid and add a blending mode or effect colorama to the gradient and blending mode. Possibly some blur as well.

  5. Copy the roto path and paste it into a shape layer add stroke, remove fill, add repeater (shape), adjust the repeater transform properties (0 out position), and adjust scale.

  6. Thank you so much! Is there a name for this technique? I've been trying to find a tutorial on youtube but I guess I'm not describing it correctly bc I haven't been able to find any

  7. Try using turbulent noise instead of the fractal noise effect. You won’t notice much difference from a functionality standpoint, but the main difference is that turbulent noise was added to AE much later, and was coded to make more efficient use of resources and thus render more quickly. There are also a few quality of life improvements and newer noise algorithms under the hood

  8. I'd shoot for something with an i7 and a high wattage 3070 for that budget. Check out reviews and see if there is anything you like from what you see online.

  9. I was looking at something like the Acer Predator Helios 300 but I wasn't sure.

  10. Idk about everything else but I really feel like she's going to fuck up Fexi

  11. Many schools’ intro CS classes have dedicated tutors/TAs that are competent in the most relevant material. Ask around.

  12. It’s very hard to get in contact with the TAs since everything is over Zoom.

  13. New accounts start their placements at ~2300, so that’s why you’re seeing them in your games. We don’t know a ton about Overwatch’s matchmaking system, but QP does take into account performance and winning/losing. Don’t worry about playing with low levels, it literally means nothing. The majority of new players are smurfs or alts anyways.

  14. You should repost a request like 1 week before building it, the prices can change in 2 month so people could make you a build that cost 1500$ now but in august it could be worth 1400$, 1600$ especially because of the gpu market.

  15. ooh i didn’t even think about that. i thought because of the gpu market it’s best to buy early because it’s going to take months to come? i keep seeing people having to wait a year or so and telling people to buy asap

  16. I did this once and just gamed on two monitors from my one laptop.

  17. My suggestion is that you give us examples of games that you will play, tell us the specs of your computer, and what your internet speed will generally be. We can give more relevant answers if you tell us where you're coming from. In the meantime, this website may be beneficial to you.

  18. I don't have my laptop yet so I filled it in with my mac info and just got super confused lol im kinda new to this but thanks i'll keep this link for later!

  19. Omg this is me exactly. I can’t offer motivation or anything like that but I can definitely tell you that you aren’t alone at all. Taking a gal year wasn’t part of the plan at all and I have no idea how I’m going to get through this but just know you’re never the only one cause me too.

  20. Last verse on the last song on the last album. He just said hes been clean since 2014

  21. was that referring to sex because i took that took that line to mean something else

  22. ok so just to be clear. you’re saying he probably did cheat but he’s matured past that now?

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