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Biden calls Fox News reporter "stupid son of a bitch"

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  1. Filmora is a bs garbage scam editing software. There's so many decent ooensource ones out there. Checkout Openshot if you need to do some lightweight editing

  2. Trump is such a piece of rancid shit but him calling Kim Jung-un 'rocket man' is pretty damn funny.

  3. Samsung offers trade-in deals every year though. You'll probably end up paying $200 for an S22 if you trade in a 1-2 year old phone plus some bonuses like free Galaxy Buds

  4. In the long run you'd just be spending as much as someone who buys a $1000 every 3-4 years though.

  5. Okay fine, fine, we can make excuses for the water. But now I’m paying more attention to how ugly that mountain is and how awful it looked when you “climbed” it

  6. Clearly a scam, but how do they get your SSN, isn't a secured pdf unlocked entirely offline when you provide the password? Unless they redirect you to a web page somehow.

  7. Player and pokemon animations are the best looking they've ever been IMO. Hope they keep all the improvements in future games.

  8. Please, Please tell me the youtube clip I saw on youtube was fake or out of context.

  9. Shiet. Okay I think it's time to start avoiding spoilers because this game might actually be something worth playing.

  10. I tried binge watching it but it’s so dense for me. I can’t binge comedies like it or nichijou. Like 2-3 a day is my max.

  11. I think Gintama is best enjoyed a little at a time. That way when you get to the final stretch of serious arcs after 300+ episodes, you're really emotionally invested in the characters.

  12. Does anybody on the planet ? Besides the ones who see people as funds to be harvested ?

  13. CES this year was full of startups slapping the metaverse name on whatever they'd been working on already.

  14. I guess the rumored US $849 for base S22 might be accurate. Still way too much, damn. Maybe have to go for an S21 Ultra if I can get it cheap.

  15. Kinda funny that Apple is probably making some of the best bang for the buck phones these days. You gotta deal with iOS, but the performance and quality of what you get for the price is pretty appealing.

  16. Yeah if I didn't need Vanced and Relay for Reddit, I'd seriously consider an iPhone for my next phone

  17. Haha I'm sure anyone who reads the lyrics of his songs has wanted to ask him if he's doing ok. But he seems like a really chill dude in his streams.

  18. Digital assistants can still be considered AI, they're just 'Narrow' AI. General AI, or Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is what doesn't exist yet.

  19. It actually is. Cats have great vision at range, though it’s at a cost.. they can’t see shite in front of their faces.

  20. Oof the one year I decide to upgrade. Well, I was going to put a case on it anyway. Just hope the phones don't become too heavy because of the glass

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