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  1. But when I bring this up I’m “hating” nah this man is sick and delusional

  2. 😭😭 it be like that sometimes can't even be mad at him 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. Your girl always the most loyal by your side and there for you more than any of your niggas. He got a good one cause most of these bitches ain’t shit

  4. Is this new footage from the police interrogation 🤣

  5. Before I zoomed I thought ‘ol birb had spoken blonde hair I was cryn 😭

  6. You’ll love this one, the beat so melodic too on top of the pain in the words

  7. Von used to watch Chicagoscene88 videos and tell Asian all the shit that was true and what wasn’t

  8. KI would’ve been whooped his ass for turning out how he did

  9. “Ma we can’t let y’all past this point but you get the picture. So what’s good shorty what we on?”

  10. I truly don’t believe he would’ve gone at Von had Von been here today. Von could embarrass you so good and did

  11. Yeah breezy sucks lips but I hate seeing guys remix this song

  12. “Sucks lips” nice, always wanted a female equivalent.

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