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  1. Do you have access to a careers advisor from your military service? That’s might be the best place to start.

  2. I do have access but their advice is minimal. They basically say "do what you want and we'll pay for it". Now that's an awesome thing to say and I don't want to dismiss it. But I want to be smart in what I want to do. I'm not sure if that makes sense.

  3. For me, it was originally because of porn until I realized men are quiet in porn because men are watching. Then it was because I felt embarrassed at first because in my head man sounds were less attractive. My wife asked me to though, so I try to vocalize and it makes a huge difference for her. Then I get really focused on visualizing things and get quiet again, lol. So like...three reasons. Requires more focus for some reason, comes less naturally (heyyyooo)

  4. Personally, when I'm dating a girl... the smaller the penis, the better

  5. im the type to not do anything about it then complain cuz he doesnt know about me

  6. Yeah a lot of people seem to only be upset because I was military but it has nothing to do with my current standings. I was the furthest thing from IT in the military. Logistics. And all my certs were obtained after I got out. It seems to be a bit facetious to focus so much on that point when the only tie in is that it was the only reason I went forward with getting a degree.

  7. Yep. Prior Army here. I read your post as you achieved 100k and then you received your degree using post 911.

  8. Where did I recommend OP join the military? I promise you, I couldn't care less about your hatred for the military or whatever your gripe is. This is not the place for it and it has nothing to do with the advice given. I said that I only got my degree because I got paid to do so due to being prior military. That's the extent military has to do with this conversation.

  9. I understood what you were saying. Kinda weird seeing that other person focus on one irrelevant part of your post.

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