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  1. "This is my very good friend over here, Miek. He's an insect and he's got knives for hands.

  2. Politicians in the stock market. Insider trading is punishable by is it not illegal to dump your stocks in something that's going to be affected by something you know is going to pass (or isn't)? It's gotta be the closest thing to legal stealing imaginable to me.

  3. Giant china cabinets with whole extra sets of plates that are used once or twice in a lifetime

  4. Yeah seriously. I recently came across the receipt from when my parents bought theirs in the late 90's. It was like $6,800 bucks for the whole thing with it filled. At that point they already had 3 kids. It's still in my dad's house and I still have never seen any one use a single thing from it. How tf did they justify that purchase?

  5. MD: "That's interesting. So you're telling me, [says exact same thing guest just said, but rephrased in the form of a question]?"

  6. Hell yeah the tootsies car is back. Haven’t seen that scheme in way too long. I think Nashville was the last time I remember seeing it

  7. Another one that's gonna look great under the lights

  8. I would assume the Tron car. McLaughlin in INDYCAR ran the tron scheme a few weeks ago along also with Burton.

  9. That scheme is gonna look soooo good under the lights

  10. Death, taxes and people putting insanely specific parameters on NASCAR statistics. All the guarantees in life.


  12. That's one's brutal...but yeah, always love when they're clearly just painting the stats in a box so they can compare some relatively average player to the greats of the sport.

  13. Am I the only one who read this in Toto's voice?

  14. I realize I am in the extreme minority here...but I absolutely loved that Huggies car. I think it is primarily due to the relatively unique color paired with the fact I saw it at Bristol under the lights

  15. Totally dark, soundless room. No one else, ever. I guess that would be like being dead but being aware you're dead.

  16. In high school I slept over my buddy's house for the first time. I had been to his house before a few times, but only in their living spaces. I had fallen asleep on the couch and at some point he woke me up and gave me a pillow and blanket on the floor of his bedroom, but I had no recollection of it, being half asleep still. I woke up in the middle of the night in pitch black having never been in his room and having to pee insanely bad. It was legitmately the scariest thing I've ever experienced.

  17. Yeah the sound of a hard crash is something that doesn't translate well on TV, because they usually have to amplify/isolate it so you don't get that context.

  18. Coincidently also and IndyCar example. This is the best video I'm aware of that gives an example of crash sounds (

  19. Got real boring for me my junior year of high school with a great fogo and an offense that would score a lot. Just running back and forth from the face-off wing, to the sub box. I just started joining the offense and setting off ball picks above the crease until they'd call for me to the mid-line lol

  20. What was the reason for the green side wall? I came in right at the end of the explanation


  22. "How dare they something trying to help the environment! " - indycar boomer fan

  23. I got some of the delta 8 thc gummies last time they did the 8$ shirts. And they knocked me on my butt😂. Good stuff

  24. Got some of the delta 9's along with the shirt and the sample of delta 8's after the RA win. The delta 9's while seemingly stronger have a much better feeling. After trying both, I hesitate to even bother with the 8's

  25. I've been wearing that same one for about a year now. I get complimented on it about onec a week. Love that watch

  26. I've searched for "stretch golf snapback" and "preformance rope snapback" (and other things like it). No luck this far. I'm trying to find a blank one to sew my own patches to

  27. I think based on this description, it would allow some of the air to "pass through" the leading car, allowing the trailing car to have less interrupted air, thus allowing the trailing car's aero to continue to work similar to having clean air and allowing continued gain on the leading car

  28. Really wish a driver or somebody would talk about this, just to put some heat on Lionel for their price gouging and shit quality. It’s frustrating to be consistently priced out of cars that should cost a fraction of their price

  29. This is a great take. Unfortunately I feel like with the creepy ass autograph sharks with a duffle bag full of things to get singed...they'd be happy to see the quality diminish more

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