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  1. I'd also read the novellas too, you get some more background on characters for sure. Like Cortazar. Also the Strange Dogs story is a really great read.

  2. Can I read novellas in any order? If so, what is the title for Strange Dogs story?

  3. Why is it being cancelled by amazon though? It is top rated/one if the most watched on prime video. Jeff Bezos apparently loves it and binged the show. He is crazy about space as well given his rocket company and obviously has shit load of money.

  4. fuck, I was so scared for that girl when her little brother came back to life. That is because I know about the law of equivalent exchange.

  5. did they drop some hint about equivalent exchange? The alien has been saving lives without anything in return. They do seem overly helpful despite looking scary

  6. His eyes looked super weird, and it seemed like he could see things she couldn't.

  7. I have a hunch that aliens are somehow closely linked to protomolecule given their ability to recreate life

  8. Setting aside the sarcasm, I think almost all americans will buy made in america stuff if we can reduce the cost difference. I will happily spend 10 to 20% more on the exact same thing(low priced items not crazy expensive tech stuff) made in US over China. Any higher premium is uneconomical for average american family especially with the current inflationary trend.

  9. Can you post this again by any chance? The link is dead. You can upload it on as it has 50gb free storage

  10. Most of the bugs have been worked out and to my understanding there’s a new update out there. I haven’t received it yet so I can’t speak on it but, I haven’t had any atmos issues. There have been a few glitches but a simple restart has fixed them. I love my elevate and don’t see the point in spending more to get the Samsung soundbars when I’ve heard more issues with those

  11. Agreed, samsung soundbar at 1500+ get similar or slightly higher. I came across one review which has me worried. Rregarding budget, given I bought a $2000 TV I am trying to avoid spending over $1000 for a soundbar.

  12. Hey, also just got a pair of nc700, do you also have this "issue" where when you walk or shake your head a bit you hear a clanking noise like if the earcups weren't properly fitted to the round metal thing? (If my English is horrible, sorry, it's not my first language)

  13. no, did not face this problem and just did a shake now as well. Normal walking or shakes do not cause any such issue unless you shake your head violently

  14. Lot of people love to shit over the US, sadly not just forgeiners but also some americans. All I can say, yes we have our drawbacks, we do make some things bad like Afganistan. But, America is special and despite its flaws give everyone a chane to succeed and live free. Political dispositions in a city/state or entire country might make your journey harder or easier but never stop you.

  15. I am unsure if you heard who created the show? Mike Shur the guy behind The Office, Brooklyn99 and The Good place.

  16. I’ve been trying to find the template for this meme edit for the longest time. Where did you find it, or if you edited this completely yourself…HOW????

  17. I really dislike that IRS goes after middle class or poor people for get taxes but turns a blind eye when it is their chance to enforce tax code on the top 10%.

  18. It’s been publicized that they don’t go after the rich, mostly because the rich have money to fight them. Poor people just pay.

  19. true I made 72k that year ending up paying them the money i owed them and $50 fine.

  20. Is that Shattered Dimensions? Loved this game back is the days. Did you try to face your wiimote right or left and then tilt left-right? It seems to me a wiimote on the icon looks like a faced to the side, but I'm not sure.

  21. Yes I did and it randomly worked a day later. I tried same gesture for 2 days and nothing. Yes this is Shattered Dimensions, love the game.

  22. tried shake, shake has a different gestutre image with curved C on the side.

  23. Only complain on my end all the politics in episode 1 could have been broken down over a few episodes/story lines but Kanye ending plot reedemed them.

  24. censored everyone except the only guy who sent his car in space haha

  25. Haha I started censoring him then I thought too much work when everyone knows it is Elon.

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