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A redditor who saw my post about insurance turning me down for a prosthetic finger messaged me a few weeks ago saying he would try to make one. I got the prototype in the mail today. He asked nothing in return

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  1. Doesn't matter if you can't move the power from places where the sun's out to places where it's not. Europe, like North America, needs dramatically more transmission capacity. There is some good work being done from Ireland to England & the Continent, but there needs to be quite a bit more, particularly from Norway.

  2. Solar gets power even on cloudy days. It may not be as strong, but they certainly get energy through cloud cover. On top of that, using wind, hydro and other energy sources with additional battery storage helps to offset these issues. Transmission lines to better connect the energy grid EU-wide is also, clearly, a needed step, but that's not enough to deflect from making the investments in different energy sources. I worked at a solar company in Northern Germany, where they're not known for the most sunny days, and the solar we had on our facility was enough to power the entire old radio manufacturing building we owned, as well as over 343 households in the city. It's 100% possible. Ireland and the UK both have a lot of solar already, and they're perfect for wind generation. All it takes is the will to take the plunge (and they have been for years and years).

  3. Judge Judy would’ve handled this case with more jurisprudence. Cannon is another Trump appointed evangelical hack. She should be disbarred.

  4. Better still that this bench for the Court of Appeals here in Atlanta included two Trump nominees who ruled against him both here and the earlier case that cleaved off all the classified docs from the Special Master review, so DOJ and the national intelligence agencies can figure out what all he had access to there and how compromising it was. Bet that had to sting a good damned amount 😚.

  5. I am wondering which Republicans also gained their seats via a “false election”, and how many of those electeds are the GOP going to give up in the name of “fairness”.

  6. That's always my favorite. "The election was stolen! No, no, our people who won in the House are fine. No, no, our people in the Senate are fine. No, no, our people for Secretary of State and Governorships across the country are fine. No, no, our people in State legislators and county supervisors are fine. It's the Presidency that was stolen!

  7. I think it was implied that each block of 3 episodes would be about a different event, and there would be long time jumps between them.

  8. He mentioned each block of 3 being a year. They had realized that with the time it takes them to write, film, etc per season that Diego would be in his fifties if they did 5 seasons, so it wouldn't match with Rogue One, especially since he's already older. That's why they condensed it to two per Gilroy in one of his interviews.

  9. 😅 I just recently rewatched that movie and was caught off guard seeing him in it. I had completely forgotten!

  10. Not as weird as Han Solo speaking Shyriiwook I suppose, didn‘t listen yet though.

  11. There is a speech pathology pattern that suggests who uncle harlo is. It has to do with discerning lie origination and I think might be an a plus commentary on the echo chamber effect and how to manipulate it.

  12. Luthen tried to get Cassian to kill Syril though. I'd have thought at the minimum he'd have recognized him if he were his uncle.

  13. Apparently that's what was missing from Andor per YT Star Wars channels... the Jedi were considered mysterious and a rare sighting back when there were 10,000 of them at the Order's peak. I honestly think them including more Jedi in prominent positions throughout the Rebellion's history before Luke entered the picture with Obi-Wan and Yoda kind of dilutes the occurrences of the OT, as well as undermines the sacrifice Kenobi and Yoda made to withdraw from public life as the Empire grew in strength, power and instilling fear throughout the galaxy just to wait for the Force to bring one, or both, of the Skywalker children full circle to bring down the Sith.

  14. In the EU he became Mandalore and reclaimed the planet. I know he won't be Mandalore here, but as one of the few Mandolorians still in existence it's not impossible he'd rekindle ties his father had, as well as potentially help to return Mandalore. Unless things changed in canon he never really discovered much of his own self in terms of being a Mandolorian between Episodes III and VI. He just kind of disavowed it and pursued his life as a solitary BH in the image of his father until after his incident with the Sarlaac.

  15. This is disgusting and downright disgraceful. I know he disgraces himself, and the office he held, more often than not, but legitimately wanting to release bus loads of violent criminals to kill, steal from and rape, at the minimum, American citizens is just fucking awful. That's not an American President.

  16. Yep, like the ones in ROTS and the one in Obi-Wan. Because they're both live-action Pau'ans.

  17. Have they now made it canon that there are different versions of Pau'ans to make up for the clear difference between RotS and Kenobi?

  18. Do they really need to? Just look around at human beings for a while.

  19. I was there! He had some great zingers, but that's the one that stuck out the most. Or his, "Don't boo! Vote!"

  20. I was raised very anti Disney, if a friend hadn't showed me the mandalorian I'd have stayed thinking it was all crap and probably reacted the same as It someone said they loved beauty and the beast or frozen. I've had to accept that they actually saved starwars. Andor is one of the best things I've seen on its own merit, it's also politically amazing which is a strange feeling.

  21. Let's give it some more time. Between the sequels, BoBF S1, Kenobi (middling, though good parts throughout) and the eradication of the EU at the end of 2014 I'm holding my breath. Wiped out more than two decades of lore that they're rebuilding, sometimes with the old lore brought back anew, sometimes splicing it, more often completely new, is rough. Rogue One and Solo were both good movies, though Rogue One was the one to truly stick out. Solo I think got a bad rap coming out during the run of sequels.

  22. After I watched boba Fett, saw how Interesting the sand people were and how they are treated, I find the Alec Guinness one a bit of a snob. I really like that they are kind of showing how arrogant and elitist the Jedi are. Rouge one is the best starwars film by a mile.

  23. I also liked that aspect of the show. It brought back fond memories of KOTOR, as well as a Ki-Adi Mundi comic about Asharad Hett called Outlander I believe.

  24. Palpatine coming back wasn't the issue. The manner in how he came back, how it was written and sprung us, is what was horrid. Palpatine coming back was established lore for about 20 years in the EU. He, like Bane, discovers the ability to transfer his essence. He, unlike Bane, is the descendant of a 1000 years of improving Sith teaching and power. The culmination of the Dark Side. It was not an improbable notion.

  25. There are desktop models out there, with vibrating shaker bowls to feed the ferrules. Just shove the wire in, it strips and crimps in a couple of seconds. I used to work in a wiring harness factory, someone could get through thousands of failed a day with these machines.

  26. Would you happen to have a name for them? We do wiring in our small manufacturer and would love something like this to make it easier for all involved. I'm curious at rhe price and durability of them.

  27. And it took decades for the German state to officially let go of claims in Poland after WW2, even tho the land was basically ethnically cleansed with a massive war crime.

  28. Germany couldn't even take back the other half of its country that was being occupied by the USSR and its DDR client state. A house divided against itself can not long stand. The fact they were able to reunify as a result of a misunderstanding by Honecker on easing of crossings (oversimplification) between the GDR and DDR is amazing, and the world, and what is the EU, has never been the same (a unified Germany has been a fear of major European powers for centuries, the same could be said of Italy given the over a millenia of dividing up the former Roman Empire to prevent their challenge again).

  29. I don’t think you have any idea what you are talking about lol

  30. I got a degree in German that focused a lot on the GDR/DDR era for literature and history, though we did go all the way back to before the Roman Empire. Quite fascinating how much of Western Europe are comprised of old German tribes migrating and pushing out others. France, Frankreich, is one that comes to mind. As for the rest, yeah, it seems more that you don't know what you're talking about, but we'll see as this conflict evolves ever more.

  31. i just dont think its a lineup worth traveling to atlanta if you live outside of it, i think most of the people annoyed with the lineup are the people who enjoy traveling to shaky every year, like myself

  32. Muse, Placebo, The Mars Volta and Grouplove will all be great shows, I can say that much.

  33. Originally, it was to create competition with multi-billion dollar companies.

  34. It's pretty simple economically to say that having a sales tax v. not having a sales tax creates a market distortion that incentivizes people to spend at the place that does not have the sales tax to maximize cost-savings. That's why Amazon has to be forced to pay - it was so large that it was distorting the market for goods and services compared to retail stores, that are just as important if not more to local communities and economies, thus creating an unfair, market distorting advantage. It's not that retailers are looking for a scapegoat, it's the truth of it. Moreover, it's pretty clearly there for all to see by looking at the data. Furthermore, the local cities/towns/counties/State are losing out on money that provide necessary services for their citizens, which is being harmed by companies like Amazon not paying their legally required sales tax because of an old exemption that was put in place to kickstart the digital age and economy.

  35. What if there's a legitimate reason? Why would he be tracking his sister of all people and be worried about it being told to his sister and her husband? Maybe sister is in an abusive relationship, or is cheating on her husband and her brother wants to discover it? If it had been her vehicle she found one, then I'd be NTA. OP should really get her husband to divulge the reasoning behind it before telling the SIL. If the brother of OP's SIL just will not divulge it, that it's for some safety reason, then I'd tell her/SIL's husband. Or, at the minimum, of OP believes her husband that his mom knows, ask her MIL? If the MIL looks freaked out and says she never heard of it, take it as a red flag and report it further. If not, then maybe there is a legitimate concern there that would cause SIL's brother to put a GPS tracker on her car. For all we know, she could be someone heavily under substance abuse and her brother is trying to figure it out. I'm reserving judgment until there's more INFO.

  36. Wtf no. None of those are solid reasons to track someone without them knowing it. You sound controlling af.

  37. Lol projection much, no. I'm more interested at the possible reasons he must have behind tracking his own sister's vehicle while also warning his wife of a huge problem if she reports it to them. There are more reasons out there than just straight jumping to the conclusion the majority of y'all have jumped to, as if this is the same as every other AITA post about GPS trackers on their SO's belongings, etc. I think most people on here, lot of the Reddit subs I frequent, think to the worst possible outcome on all of these. On the majority that I see I am in agreement with. Here, it makes little sense within the current paradigm of spouses/lovers/stalkers using GPS tracking on one another for malignant purposes. It's the man's sister... unless he's in love with her or some other compulsive, obsessive, controlling narrative regarding her, there's more here than meets the eyes.

  38. Funny thing - essentially every product produced and exported by Germany, to the U.S. or elsewhere, is union made. There are unions for both employees and employers there. Funnier still - Germany is an industrial powerhouse, the largest economy in the EU and one of the largest industrial exporters in the entire world. If unions are so bad, why is Germany so successful with them? 🤔

  39. Wow, I did not realize Mosk was Glukhov! His bits in Chernobyl were amazing. Also, that Fomin was the doctor in Andor, wow! I would not have recognized him. Great shows, both!

  40. If you haven't seen the GotG holiday special, there's a great scene with Kevin Bacon and Rocket that is hilarious with this scene in mind.

  41. Watch him in Bullet Train, he has his ascent in it and a bad ass.

  42. That was an unexpected hilarious movie. Him and his brother are top class characters in that movie.

  43. Right. First thought: Oh no, another one." Second thought: "Oh, minimal damage- good." I hate how habituated we're getting to this. That and "non-life threatening injuries" phrase tells us nothing about the quality of life for survivors. Can we even imagine what it's like for someone to live through this? And for their loved ones to endure their loss? While we do virtually nothing with our gun problem in the US.

  44. I live in Atlanta. Though the city has gotten a lot better, and almost every major city in the U.S. has a violent crime problem, it is a weird thing how I remark to people when an area of the city has gotten better with a decrease in the frequency of hearing a gun shot. That should not be normal, anywhere in the world. Yet here we are. I don't know what to make of that.

  45. It's a Starship Troopers reference - "Do you want to know morr?" and "I'm doing my part." If you've never seen the movie, give it a watch! It's a fun, campy sci-fi film that is actually still pretty entertaining. I just rewatched it before Thanksgiving (it's a common enough refrain on Reddit comments to keep bugging you (heh, you'll get it) into rewatching it before long). The sequels get cheesier and cheese, which is part of the fun, but the first one is 👨🏼‍🍳👄. NPH is in it if that makes it any easier.

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