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  1. did you accidentally buy a human collar for your cat? why the hell is that thing so big? that can't be comfortable

  2. Full-blown alcoholic typically has to be sober for a period of time (say six months) before becoming eligible. Apparently this is only some places, not all.

  3. If you're at the point where you need a liver transplant, aren't they going to know you're an alcoholic? Aren't there tests they're going to do (blood work, etc) that will sus that out?

  4. Sort of. There can be other mitigating factors that contribute to liver damage, and it’s best not to remove all doubt by saying “I drink 25 drinks a day.” That’s straight to the back of the line at many hospitals.

  5. you'd think your wife would mention the inevitable stereotyping and refusal to administer anxiety medications once it's on your chart

  6. Vaginas don't smell fishy unless there's an infection, so it doesn't get bad at all. Dicks, on the other hand, smell foul

  7. To those of you who think I'm a gross pig? Yup you are right, that's now men think.

  8. I'm an AFAB person (non-binary), and I've gone several weeks/months without showering. definitely isn't a gendered thing

  9. Well on the news now but, I went for a chilly walk and listened to Disable Planets. How about you?

  10. Definitely get that looked into. I mentioned already before I saw this comment that heart conditions can mimic asthma symptoms.

  11. my doctor seems to think it's anxiety, and she is only giving me an echocardiogram. is there any other tests I should get?

  12. Have you had your iron levels checked? Ive had asthma my whole life and recently started having breathing problems that my inhaler wasn’t helping with and I found out I was iron deficient. It’s slowly starting to improve now I’m on treatment.

  13. thank you, and I'm glad you have seen some improvement

  14. Leave it alone... let's not beat around the bush. Your cousins wife is dying. It sounds like she has osteogenesis. He's spent 21 years in a depressed state, knowing his wife is dying. For the first time, he has someone that he can talk to. Someone that can reciprocate his feelings. It's most definitely sad for both of them. But at least let the man have a nice thing.

  15. and the wife can't reciprocate his feelings? she's a human being, too, for Christs sakes (and DYING, as you said)

  16. As a guy, in my experience, women don't like heavy drinkers(CA status). Too much oversharing, failure to follow through with plans due to being too drunk/hungover/sick/all of the above the next day(I can't tell you how many times this alone has fucked me out of some potentially good situations).

  17. I never thought of it this way. Always thought of rock-bottom as some sort of abstract, concrete idea. Like love, you KNOW it when you experience it. Hmmm...

  18. This looks like you copy and pasted from the RA training tbh. Most of these "counseling" services exist simply to remove liability from the university. They are shit in general. I called CAPS and was answered by people not even from U of M, and all they did was asked if I wanted to harm myself or others. There was no real care.

  19. Agreed! I was turned away from counseling because I said I had depression while answering intake forms, and that is apparently ALSO a liability

  20. Partially true! I'm a vet auxiliary, so I can give a bit of knowledge for once :

  21. why do you assume the vet is a male? food for thought!

  22. Women are expected to say no and not need anything in society

  23. who told you this? they're wrong, and this is not a thing

  24. Does he have any sort of trauma related to a father-son relationship?

  25. it's not at all normal to have gender preferences for your child. Having that absolutely causes trauma for your kids, and it is NOT okay. expecting a child to conform to whatever idea you have for their gender is never fucking okay

  26. you get having a preference? why, exactly? How would that change how you raise your child? You do realize that transgender/non-binary children exist, right?

  27. Good god, YTA! I hope you regret losing your daughter. You saved up for 18 years, and the SECOND she said she was dropping out, you spend ALL of it? Insane. She's 20-- she is going to make mistakes. You're her parent. It wasn't a huge mistake, but now, becuase of you, her entire life trajectory has changed. Thanks, dad-- you're a horrible parent.

  28. is no one else disturbed by the fact that this is the FOURTH time this has happened? why is his owner allowing this to happen? this seems like borderline abuse

  29. geez, maybe you should be putting him away when you're cooking?? this seems incredibly irresponsible -- I would have put him away/kept a very careful eye on him after the first time it happened

  30. you are incapable of having friendships with women? What the hell

  31. In my experience, if a single straight guy and a single straight gal become friends, one of them wishes it wasn't platonic.

  32. Well, good for you. I certainly don't think of people that way

  33. Honestly I wish there were more accommodations for socially anxious people. If it’s really severe, how the hell are we gonna ask for help in any way. We are just gonna rot till we die

  34. say you have a social phobia disorder. people without the disorder have co-opted the term-- to the severe detriment of actual sufferers-- and we need to make the distinction somehow.

  35. oh, what a cutie... my little angel does the tongue out thing too!

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