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  1. I haven’t really been affected much, because I’m a dual UK-EU citizen, and I don’t work in any of the sectors directly affected by the supply chain crisis.

  2. Eventually yes… but I have no idea how long that will take. A lot of the supply chain issues have been caused by brexit and the resulting political fallout (look at the massive lines of lorries queued up at dover for instance) so when this gets solved we should start seeing things go back to normal. But I have no idea when this will be solved.

  3. Very small. I’ve never had problems with people throwing up. Your main problems will be trying to get some sleep, and getting stiff legs from sitting down all that time. The driver might pull in to a service station at some point to give you a chance to stretch your legs.

  4. Interesting how most of those “brutally honest” people focus far more on being brutal than honest.

  5. Are you in England? If so, you need ID that proves you have the right to rent in the UK (i.e, you aren’t an illegal immigrant) so a UK passport, or driving license and birth certificate.

  6. One victim challenged Corbel in 2019 after finding a pair of glasses which had a charging port while she was giving him a massage.

  7. These kind of things are pretty easily available online. You can find them on Amazon, and there are a couple of websites out there that sell all kinds of “spy gadgets”.

  8. This is not true. GHB has a very strong, salty taste. You would notice it in your drink unless you were super drunk. It's actually not a common date rape drug, it's reputation in that regard is based on a lot of senseless hysteria. It is a drug used commonly in the gay community for clubbing and sex, known as "liquid ecstasy". It's like alcohol but produces no hangover, being a natural neurotransmitter your body can easily metabolize.

  9. GHB itself is colourless, odourless and tasteless, but it is rarely found in it’s pure form as pure GHB is difficult to manufacture. It’s usually manufactured as its sodium salt, (sodium oxybate, aka xyrem) as this can be done with very little knowledge of chemistry and easily available ingredients. This form of GHB is what has the very strong salty taste that is difficult to mask.

  10. Its literally a medically used drug and the only treatment for narcolepsy type 1

  11. Although it’s usually given as sodium oxybate (brand name Xyrem). It’s bloody expensive though, so it’s unavailable to most narcolepsy patients.

  12. They're certainly both GMO, but that's not the same as there being no difference.

  13. Intellectual property rights already apply to non-GM selectively bred crops.

  14. Been playing XCOM2 WOTC recently, and decided to take the plunge and play ironman mode…

  15. Another thing to note (that is not covered in the article) is that taxis are regulated by councils, so the proposed changes would only affect taxis registered in Leeds. This means that taxis from places with less strict regulations can drive to Leeds and work there without having to abide by the stricter regulations that local taxis do, undercutting the competition.

  16. It’s complicated. The subject you’re talking about is called jury nullification/jury equity

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