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Libertarian group sues to block student debt cancellation

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  1. When the whole business model depends on them pulling in far more in premiums than they pay out, you can expect most people to lose money on it. Some will end up ahead, like in a casino, but the game is ultimately rigged in their favor.

  2. Biggest problem with it is that's kind of the prime socialization period.

  3. Instead of looking like you wanted them to get their dog, verbally ask them to.

  4. Why is literally every article about this story focused on how the GOP is sticking by Walker, something that was never in question?

  5. I almost envy people who don't already know it's going to be Trump

  6. Sadly, the "swing voters" who decide elections are the dumbest group of people in the country.

  7. Fingers crossed this holds up, really don't need someone who believes in QAnon running the DMV.

  8. Long run better for the party if he loses his race than gets a leadership role.

  9. Honestly, no one hates America like conservatives do. Any place with more than 2 ppl per square mile is automatically a hell hole.

  10. Yesterday someone was calling Texas Chainsaw Massacre boring and now this. Oof.

  11. Some films like Halloween, Psycho, Alien, etc use a kind of slow burn. This technique builds tension and atmosphere.

  12. James Austin Johnson’s Trump is so good though. I don’t think anyone else has captured the deranged stream of consciousness thing like he manages to.

  13. As an aside, it's funny how popular the Chicago * shows are with old people, given the vast majority of them are probably too terrified to ever go to Chicago.

  14. Good point, Chicago itself is not just the backdrop but also the antagonist.

  15. And conservative members of Congress give their pre-teens semi-auto rifles. America is the land of guns, are you new here?

  16. If your product is 1.067 grams total, 914.420mg of THC is 85.7% of the total volume. 5mg of cbd is .469% of the total volume.

  17. That doesn’t explain how there could be 1,030 mg of THC in 1g and that would somehow be 89%. Are you saying the weight on that one is 1.157g?

  18. Not claiming anything for sure, that's just the only explanation that would make sense.

  19. You are the one to call 911 first and then complain when you don't get adequate service.

  20. No one wants to be a police officer anymore, so yes they are already defunded by default. So yes police can only do so much when they are short 8000 officers. 🙄

  21. No one wants to work anymore. Must have been those stimulus checks.

  22. The GOP somehow managed to find celebrities that no one likes for all of their senate races.

  23. No internet, thus people weren't as brain damaged back then.

  24. Having a birthday party while other people were being fined thousands of £ for walking their dogs in pairs. For context, 2 days after one of the Downing Street parties the Queen attended her husband's funeral completely alone, in line with Covid guidelines at the time.

  25. Yeah, Johnson is of course a fool but rank hypocrisy from a politician doesn't even register as a scandal in the states. Very quaint.

  26. You can play all the word games you want, but the government is already $30 trillion in debt, and “removing” the revenue that has already been allocated towards government spending means they’re just going to print more money and create more inflation

  27. By word games you mean explaining how the federal budget works?

  28. The money has to come from somewhere. The university has already been paid

  29. It literally doesn’t. If you’re very concerned about balanced budgets, though, you could argue for tax increases on the wealthy.

  30. CNN's desperate attempts to draw the imaginary pool of anti-Trump conservatives working like a charm.

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