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  1. They elected Joe Biden so presumably they approved of his agenda.

  2. Funny how Kanye went from icon to moron in the past few years for everyone left of center. Before that you were all on your knees worshipping him.

  3. Makes sense that more people liked him when he made good music though

  4. Not really. If you found a rescue one that had a great demeanor, that would be one thing but I don't know why people want to seek out potentially very challenging dogs. Particularly first time owners.

  5. The only way this ever happens is if Dems start making it harder for Republicans to vote. Close all rural polling places.

  6. I'm told this must be done to ensure only legal votes are counted.

  7. If you're a white man having a hard time getting ahead in America, you're probably just not working hard enough. Ever try losing the self-pity and pulling yourself up by the ol bootstraps?

  8. They all want to have clever algorithms feeding you shit rather than be browsable

  9. Yeah, no one wants to live in hellish California. And with healthcare provided? Pass, South Dakota all the way.

  10. I'm sure you know you were in the right. They expect you to risk your own safety for some merchandise at a low wage job, nope. Guessing they don't even provide you with health insurance if you were to get hurt.

  11. I suppose this is supposed to be some cold hard truth telling but the left is very used to failure. In fact, we've never experienced anything else in most countries.

  12. When a right winger shares deranged conspiracy theories like this, it's because it's something they would do if given the opportunity.

  13. He the Governor of Florida, he has the opportunity and he's going to take it.

  14. I think it's a little more cynical than that. He wants to be president and he knows the path to the GOP nomination goes through the far right.

  15. Looking forward to this being weaponized against social justice activists in a few years.

  16. Significant changes will happen, they'll just be for the worse.

  17. "liberal kids". I always find it funny when people are so clueless about the political spectrum.

  18. Their solution will be to find new ways to punish non-workers.

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