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Making a vase

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  1. My dog is prone to bladder infections which causes both these symptoms and if you take the water away his ability to flush out the infection is taken away and he actually got worse. We had to put him on a high acid diet that helps control the infections. Not sure if you’re in the same situation but it took our vet a while to figure out a solution.

  2. I was actually in Cancun around spring break at a resort and there was cigarettes everywhere but not a vape in site. I asked a cashier at a gift shop if they sold them anywhere and she looked at me like I was crazy.

  3. Kashmir.Rajnish. why don't you just chill?

  4. Damn.... Is it just me ? I remember seeing this car on the desert and the camper was just 2 or 3 meter away on the right of the car.

  5. How were the steps. Do you think it’s good for beginners?

  6. I would also like to know if the book is worth investing in as a beginner. Ramen is so daunting I’ve never got the courage to try anything more than store bought with some extras tossed in.

  7. I guess America seems to be the only country not doing this. Gotta love big tobacco.

  8. It’s kind of stupid to think these images would do anything at all.

  9. I think they are mainly targeted at would be smokers not people who are already addicted because I don’t see it making much of a difference.

  10. We have a tentative alliance with the ducks. Aggressing too hard on any of our surroundings will make them retaliate hard, as they've already done in the past few days. We need to focus on expanding as a background element without eliminating the fruit or champagne bottle.

  11. Does anyone have the ability to mock up a pixelated version? then all we gotta do is pick a spot to start

  12. What is this? A vase for ants?

  13. A manual 1997 328i and previously a 1997 325i. I guess I kinda have a type lol

  14. Congratulations, looks super clean. Love the 4 door, they are rare. Enjoy.

  15. Disagreeing with a law has nothing to do with this situation. The cops are not being held to the same standard which is wrong. Cops are not above the laws.

  16. I'm not going to lie when she started spitting bars I felt oddly aroused.

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