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  1. The XF 70-300mm is a great cheap telephoto zoom for Fujifilm, and it's also compatible with a 1.4X teleconverter.

  2. for sure, that’s a 100-450~ on the cropped sensor right? I also have a cannon 1dx body so I can run canon primes, I just like my fuji cameras more but the lens options definitely aren’t the same for telephotos

  3. The focal length still remains as written, 70-300mm. But yes, your angle of view would be similar to a ~105-460mm lens on a full-frame body.

  4. Haha, yes. But for your particular needs, I'm glad you found a solution, and thanks for sharing it.

  5. Thank you and yes it’s a great lens, admittedly I did sell it though in favor of the 33mm f/1.4 since I already have a 35mm for my FF setup.

  6. No, just don't lose your passport. If you do, you would go to the German embassy in the United States to get a replacement to authorize you to travel.

  7. Try a factory reset of all settings. Try cleaning the lens contacts and the camera body contacts, and make sure the lens is fully attached. Try another lens as well.

  8. Hey just wanted to circle back, I did figure this out… X-s10 needs firmware v2.0 or higher, using Lightroom classic and purchased 80 dollar plug in for Fuji tethering, installed plug in (oh boy what a treat this will be for amateur pc users lol). So now I have shooting tethered with live view, controlling camera functions from the PC. If anyone figures out how to zoom in to focus in closer on a target object let me know ✌️

  9. Nice, glad it worked! Thanks for following up with the details. Definitely leave your post up for anyone also having this problem in the future.

  10. Hard to tell, but start by resetting everything to factory default settings. Then make sure you're in autofocus mode, that the lens is attached securely and making clean contact with the electrical contacts, and then try again. Good luck!

  11. Fujifilm X-S10 with the new XF 18-120mm PZ lens would be great. With better autofocus would be something like the Sony A6400.

  12. Great thanks! Would you say Sony's collection of lenses tips it to it's favour?

  13. No, the Sony lenses are mostly full-frame lenses. The Sony's advantage is auto-focus. Fuji is getting many of the same third-party lenses from Sigma and Tamron now anyway.

  14. It's probably the touchscreen or other buttons causing you to move the focus point. No, there cannot be a "default" focus point, but you can turn off the touchscreen or check your custom button settings to investigate what you are doing to inadvertently move the focus point yourself.

  15. You cannot export edited RAW files, since RAW files are by definition raw and unedited straight from the camera.

  16. Probably. What are its certifications? Class 10? U1? The MB/s number is a meaningless marketing number for burst reading speed, measured by a bullshit proprietary method.

  17. What lenses do you have for it? The camera body is certainly capable enough, if you have an appropriate lens.

  18. I would need to purchase a lens. Do you have any affordable option?(:

  19. Sure, how much do you consider "affordable" for yourself? Some vintage macro lenses might cost as little as $50.

  20. None of them, unfortunately. That's not a good lens for macro. Is it the only lens you own?

  21. Assuming your paperwork is correct and complete, and your paperwork arrives to them intact, that's plenty of time.

  22. Thanks. I saw the website estimate but this person told Me COVID caused a backlog so... Just figured better safe than sorry to ask here!

  23. Sure, although it's not an ideal lens for that. You could try it.

  24. Thanks for correcting me. Thought I read somewhere saying Mirrorless SLR.

  25. All of them can use some Fujixweekly recipes, since there are dozens of recipes.

  26. The X-T30II would be great. It's in lower demand, costs less, and I think interchangeable lenses are an advantage.


  28. Thanks! Definitely looking forward to seeing more of your photos.

  29. Yes, sorry! It’s in Wales, UK. The peak is called Cadair Idris. It’s close to Snowdon

  30. Thanks! Looks great! Unfortunately, often it's difficult to translate reality to a good photograph.

  31. The Paterson tank is lightproof using a funnel-type lid but also has an additional lid on top of that more akin to a stainless tank’s single lid

  32. Thanks! Clearly I use metal tanks and am less familiar with the Paterson ones.

  33. Paterson tanks have the funnel shaped lid, and a central hollow ‘chimney’ column that goes inside the reels. Together they form a light trap. Without the chimney light would be able to get on the film. It’s the object in the centre of the photo here.

  34. Thanks! Clearly, I use metal tanks, so I never got into the plastic ones.

  35. Yes, shooting ISO 200 film in the dark is going to cause shutter speeds too slow to prevent motion blurring.

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