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WE DID IT!!!!! Hello, We are a group of B2TSM fans from Taiwan. We have been working on this light box project since their debut. We are so excited to share this installation with you! Thanks to all the fans for supporting us. We really appreciate it!

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  1. The thing that makes the biggest difference in taking notes on the ipad with an Apple Pencil is really the app you end up using, so you have to find out if it's practical to try out those apps if you rent an iPad, to get a realistic trial.

  2. thank you for the suggestions! do you happen to know if apple pen 1st gen and 2 have a noticable difference in terms of writing? Because if i commit to a purchase i will probably go with the cheapest option available since im gonna use it solely for notetaking& reading pdfs

  3. Taking notes….with an Apple Pencil? Or a Magic Keyboard? I understand that some people take notes with the Pencil and live happy, fulfilled lives. I cannot imagine it being efficient whatsoever. The Magic Keyboard on the other hand, great keyboard and highly recommended. I guess the beauty of the device is that you can do both if you feel so inclined.

  4. I'm looking into getting an older iPad for college. I have been studying stem now for 2 years, and the sheer amount of notebooks I have accumulated has become cumbersome. I want an iPad that supports the Apple Pencil 2 and usb-c without breaking the bank.

  5. I am in a similar boat and wondering whats the lowest/cheapest model i can get for this purpose.I will naturally have to get an apple pencil as well which is also expensive,but dont know if i should get 1st gen or 2

  6. Back in my ADK20 days the Studierendenwerk people weren’t that funny, that’s a shame.

  7. wanted to update ppl that are invested: i was feeling a little bit under the weather and took a bus directly to the airport(thanks to DB i arrived in hamburg at 2 am instead of midnight) and spent the night there.

  8. Just stay away from the main street Reeperbahn and Hamburger Berg. In the smaller streets to the north and south, there are at least some nice bars with good people. You could also check

  9. How can someone ive blocked before can still quote retweet my tweet??? is this a bug??? or are they hacking?

  10. If someone has another account where you haven't blocked them they can copy the link to the tweet and QT you on their original account even if you blocked them.

  11. Aww! Poor baby. Did she have fleas? Is she handicapped? I know a lot of kitties have sensitivities or injuries that make them need baths. She's so beautiful. ☺️ hope she's forgiven you, lol.

  12. No,normally we dont bathe her but my parents took a trip to countryside and brought her with them.She got to go outside (we live in an apartment so normally that doesnt happen) so she got dirty

  13. Different styles fit differently, I have several pairs of Demonias in the same size but they all fit differently, if you're planning to get those specific pair or heel/sole style, definitely size up, it'll save you a world of pain

  14. I tried the bear one ,and im glad i went to the store to try instead of just buying my size online then 😬

  15. Actually the only person that can decide if somethings racist or not is the person thats subject of the said action.You dont get to decide that for the victim.Apart from that if you think making fun of someones accent and questioning where they come from isnt racist you are part of the problem

  16. Let's say you will find people from the goth scene there. The rest is up to your communication skills 😉 Oh...and you should go to the Amphi Festival in Köln next year. That's a must! 😁🤘

  17. Oh ok! Ive heard about m'era luna (i think it was in leipzig?) and wave gotik treffen but i will also check it out!

  18. I love Janet so much! I bought a shirt with her face on it that says 'not a girl' and it's my favourite thing.

  19. i look like my ASAB,feel comfortable in looking like it.I just dont identify with it.Only gender neutral part of my look is my clothes

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