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  1. yes I bought it last year used, first camera i ever owned. I want newer but it's so expensive... Thanks.

  2. The background motion compared to the still foreground is incredible, especially for handheld.

  3. For first time? This is fantastic, can't wait to see what you get with a little practise

  4. I like it. Great tracking & edit. I’d like to see what it looks like cropped in. The sky being partially in is a little distracting to me

  5. Thanks, yes when you say it, is distracting me too now..

  6. Yes, also make sure to upgrade it to the latest firmware. The noisy slow AF is now usable for video work.

  7. Thanks, then I go get one after work! 🤩 have some of u try this samyang 16mm f2.8?

  8. You could go up a stop in ISO, but I’m thinking literally more light on the car. I don’t really do car photography, so you should def ask other people as well, but off the top of my head I’m thinking you could wait until passing under a street light or hang a flash out the window of the chase car (not sure if legal).

  9. Here is not even legal to hang out the window to take a photo, but I guess thats normal because belt need to be off,i was thinking mabey my fog lamp on my car could do the trick??, but yeah ofc I was thinking about that when I try edit the photo better.

  10. I think your fog lights would only add light where it already is. I think you need a light source coming from a different direction, or one you can direct into the dark areas. That’s why I think taking the shot as the subject is passing under a street light would work. The light would be coming from above.

  11. Fogs light goes more to the side than normal driving light but mabey you right, do the panning shots under a street light sounds like a Great idea:)

  12. Dont poste like this now i want do upgrade camera! Great photo!!!🤩

  13. Do you feel like your camera is holding you back? There are some things you are missing to take home the great shot you’re after? If yes, then upgrade.

  14. I like my camera , but for some picture I take I need fast auto focus and, what I read mark 4 autofocus looks spot on. That's the only thing I think about and mabey this 5 axis looks nice to have for photos I take.

  15. If you’re using the mark 1 I don’t think the mark 2 is a big enough upgrade but if you wanted to change camera I would highly recommend the mark 3 right now as you will be able to pick up a used one at a great price as full time people change to the mark 4.

  16. THIS is why im on this me some rollers. I almost pulled the trigger on a early 90s Miata this year. I should have. What focus mode in this on? Continuous?

  17. Its cool cars , Af continuous. This focus settings works best for me.

  18. Shutter speed? Speed of the car? Haven’t done a rolling shot but a friend of mine just bought a motorcycle and he wants some shots of him on it. Wanted to get a cool shot of him like this. Thanks in advance !

  19. This is 1/25 and 90km/h, but the best is to just try and fine adjust when you do the shot. And put on option for this fast taken picture in series, and you will fine som good shots 😊

  20. first pic looks like a snapshot from a commercial. these might be some of the coolest car pics i’ve seen

  21. Wow thanks alot! So happy to hear that! 😊

  22. I'm assuming you were in an SUV, hatchback, or a wagon of some sort right (lying flat in the trunk of a sedan is a pain lmao even with seats that fold down)? Not driving very fast either, around 40 or 50 kph, maybe 60.

  23. Yes wagon and Seats down ,im not sure mabey just 50km/h

  24. Interesting, might just try it out when I get the chance.

  25. Yes do it ! Just make sure your driver and the car you take picture of keep the same speed and you will get som Great pictures 😊

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