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  1. The largest Pike you can catch in vanilla is 120cm (based on /media/lua/shared/Fishing/fishing_properties.lua, line 32)

  2. The reason so many people are killed by cars in the US vs other developed countries is not that US pedestrians are irresponsible. If anything they’re extra careful. Just the feeling of pavement (tarmac) under your feet sends danger signals to your brain in the US. Not something I feel elsewhere, where streets are more mixed use and drivers are more careful.

  3. What the fuck are you talking about

  4. If the dog gets bitten does it turn….. if it’s pregnant can we have multiple puppies 🥺

  5. Eh im sure someone will find you,or you can maybe crawl your way out somehow


  7. in real life it is totally possible to stop a moon or an asteroid just that it takes a lot of energy and fuel, I wanted to know if this is in the game

  8. Theoretically you can also redirect an entire planet

  9. You could uhhh-streamline reaching the moon

  10. Chicken has wings already, so instead of getting its wings it gets its arms (i think)

  11. Huh... this joke sucks, but okay

  12. Or try pressing and holding F when it says "climb out" just before the ladders overlap. Then you may have to toggle F a bit more to get him to grab the upper ladder. Save first in case he falls to his death.

  13. I dont actually kerbals will die from falling to the ground,ive had some reach terminal velocity and just spagettifi for a bit

  14. I’d like to hear you say that when you are being smothered with kittens and puppies!

  15. But what if we make floating kittens and puppies!

  16. I think zombies never die. That would be fun though. Have zombies compete for food, especially when NPCs and animals are introduced to the game. Maybe they should also eat corpses. And then die if they cannot find food for a while. Of course the danger there would be that all zombies would die and the game would get boring, if you have disabled respawning (which I always do, for realism). But there should be so many corpses in the game that it won't happen, if zombies need to eat a little bit and can go for a long while with that little food. On the other hand, in some zombie movies it happens to wait for zombies to starve. It makes sense. They may be dead but they still use energy to move!

  17. Thatd actually be a cool mod idea, like sprinters would need to eat more before going to a fast shambler,to a normal shambler before dying

  18. Wouldnt the train just crush that shit doe

  19. Your navball should be blue on take off. The SAS thinks it is upside down. Try reversing the control point, or pick one that is oriented up. Brown = dirt, blue = sky.

  20. Wait why does the navball even do that?

  21. … my pal you can get to the moon and back without refueling and still have spare fuel… even without bigger parts so i dunno who youre tryna impress here

  22. Dont be a dick, Landing on the moon is hard in general

  23. Idk how hard this would be to do since i have no clue about coding,but why not make the chair a low poly 3d model when being sat on?

  24. Hence why i said low poly,and they kinda do this with every item being a 3d model and unless you place like hundreds the game runs fine. And as someone else has said,devs have more important things to do either way

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