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  1. Any advice as to how to deploy it? I know I grab it by the loops but is there any specific place to drop the loops at?

  2. Grab, about as much as you can carry (no shame in taking only half the bed). flip the load on your shoulder. I like to tell people to “square up” to the house and put it on your shoulder that way. You can always “turn and flip” as well. Control the nozzle. Go to where you need to go. Mask up and have fun.

  3. Gotcha! What about the backup man? How should they flake out the hose without making “spaghetti” when he drops it on the ground?

  4. I find that brakes are some of the easiest DIY projects, I did the front pads and rotors for under $300. The Zimmerman/Akebono kit has good bite and the brake dust is a thing of the past. I'll do the same on the rear when it's time. BTW, has the sensor been tripped and the light eliminated on the dash? I think my display showed about 600 miles remaining when it lit.

  5. Oh I had no idea that a sensor would go off to replace them.

  6. Where are you located? And are you referring to brake rotors?

  7. Not really good with the terminology but I just looked it up and yes! I’m in NY btw, specifically Long Island

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