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  1. should I be happy about this? may have to watch some crystal palace replays.

  2. 6 for me. Slightly worse than our normal 2.14 goals given up per game. United have set the bar really low.

  3. Possible but probably not good for the team in the long run ("told ya we're a playoff team!"-FO)

  4. panalo, kasi may sarili syang soundtrack at original songs.

  5. Hindi sya malalim pero nakakatawa naman si Nadine. Mas ok naman sya kesa sa mga vice ganda na pelikula. Ok naman yung mga kanta kasi ginawa sya para sa pelikula so pasok ang lyrics sa scenes.

  6. If your name sounds like Sami Khedira you must be a good player.

  7. Slightly excited to see the game. Firat time in a while.

  8. Didnt see the first half. How did we give up 2 goals in a half AGAIN. 4 at the back still not working?

  9. Just curious. Why does Lucy always seem to get off lighty vs the rest of the FO? It's a stark contrast to the vitriol against levien and kasper.

  10. we have no assests and he doesnt want to play here.

  11. This stinks. And Rooney was there as well, trying to wash his hands off the dumb stuff our FO does, but he should have at least done something to cushion the blow to Gressel.

  12. can't say i'm surprised by the fo anymore.

  13. Rooney knows we have no money and no players(except for taxi) so I think the next few months will be auditions for the young players. Djeffal stunk yesterday but I think he's going to get a lot more playing time because i don't think the main goal is reaching the playoffs but getting the young guys up to a baseline level of competence by next year. Then supplement the team with DPs and other signings. If we get in the playoffs this year it's just a bonus. So I'm bracing myself for a lot more bad performances this year unless we just start clicking all of a sudden or get another another taxi level game changer.

  14. As long as you wear new balance and helly hansen you're in the dmv.

  15. Postgame thread or we all just sleep early tonight?

  16. So many mistakes from djeffal.... i was rooting for him when i saw the lineups. Argh!!! Romo wth.

  17. If we win the ball, pass it backwards -- chad ashton

  18. I REALLY like playing our youngsters especially giving hopkins, durkin, and djeffal a lot of match time. But I know nothing about football, so this might be a bad thing. Lol. The vets have been playing bad the whole season so I'm all for trying change.

  19. Hard pass for me if it's a dp slot.

  20. I have faith in hopkins and rooney but our FO... they just dont know shit.

  21. We need to improve the defense, but DP defenders don't have the best track record. Give me a striker for Taxi to play with up front.

  22. I agree we need more scoring but we've conceded 34 goals in 13 games that taxi's been here. its a huge problem. romo + defenders always seem to be out of sync.

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