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  1. I live nearby and see them flying down the river all the time. They're awe inspiring.

  2. If you're in Ohio and you're not wearing a paper bag on your head everywhere you go you are part of the problem.

  3. She threatens some dumb bullshit every day. She should be subject to cascades of laughter every time her pinhole opens.

  4. Ohio is a good place for celebrities to live because nobody gives a fuck about whether you are a celebrity or a toilet bowl cleaner here because it's fucking Ohio.

  5. They got pretty self-preserving as soon as they were arrested, and tried to blame it all on Trump. No one in the MAGA movement is loyal, it's all based on greed and selfishness.

  6. That idiot who attacked the Cincinnati FBI office and was gunned down in a cornfield in southern Ohio ironically made a great how to video for the MAGA faithful on how attacking law enforcement offices ends.

  7. David Esrati is good at pointing out the favoritism of insider politics. His blog is good for getting some historical perspective of local politics. Sometimes he's spot on. Other times (often) he's bloviating.

  8. That would be any Chan, Twitter is more of an armpit

  9. Twitter is full on splattering rectal canal at this point. If there's something nastier, then it's that.

  10. Ohio Republicans should self-enrich themselves and steal and loot as much as possible.

  11. Never heard of this guy. What makes you think he's a white nationalist? Just seems like a run of the mill Christian conservative or whatever.

  12. Because there are often trucks with flags associated with white christian nationalism parked in the parking lot of the church.

  13. lol. Nah. I just like to share info and increase situational awareness about where the most likely school shooters and pedophiles are congregating locally.


  15. Great. I can't wait to overwork and steal the wages of Republican kids.

  16. When did WWF Superstar Brett "The Hitman" Hart transition?

  17. Disappointed in other's lack of enthusiasm for policing the area for litter and debris as a unit.

  18. The time I spent a night in the Richmond, Kentucky jailhouse, I give Everclear all the credit for.

  19. No shit, I was just thinking the exact same thing. Why the fuck? You are not allowed to walk on any of the mounds in Oho, Serpent Mound being my favorite, why the shit did they build stairs on this one?

  20. Because clueless racist fucknuggets were the backbone of the city. Miamisburg was once a Sundown Town too.

  21. Ohio Republicans won't stop until we are all mud peasants dining on our own head lice.

  22. Ohio’s major cities are blue as fuck, with the areas surrounding them being centrist who vote with whoever they think will benefit them. There’s a reason why Ohio up until trump was considered to be a bellwether state for so long.

  23. Unlike the GOP, with the Dems there is only so much money to go around. They've made a correct choice to not bother with Ohio at this time. It's gerrymandered forever now, meaning it's a lost cause. Or at least until the boomers die off in such numbers that they are no longer a majority generation, which will be around 2028.

  24. His ignorant ass snapped on her. She just fulfilled the requirement of justice.

  25. Hello. I am from the FBI's deep surveillance program. Do you want to be free?

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