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  1. I mean, likely they slapped a muzzle on her so tight she couldn’t word salad her way out of it. I’d love to have heard that conversation

  2. This is so embarrassing of her. Baby, what are you going to do with those images? Who are they for? Does she have a special folder?

  3. I mean. She needed to come across as a white woman in distress and have the police come like her own personal concierge service, so of course her real voice is what she used. She can take it on and off whenever she wants.

  4. You’re gorgeous! I’ll echo comments above about a center part/cute lil wispy bangs framing your face.

  5. Wild that they redesigned the cases TWICE and this is still happening.

  6. Was she wearing one of her sweatshirts with passive aggressive quotes/did other people recognize them?

  7. Better QC. BDC melts and separates after a month, skincare grows weird stuff in it (solution, cleanser concentrate), lash slick dries out after 2 weeks, gen g caps break, perfume and cloud paint inconsistency and the new deodorant melts everywhere. Given their size and years in the business its not acceptable. We've cut them slack for far too long.

  8. I agree with this. Their QC is lacking, as well as whoever they are using for packing orders in warehouses.

  9. She always maintained that she loved working there, which I do believe. I think they had a genuinely good culture before they started heavily expanding into retail. Before they launched their official first NYC store, they used to have a showroom that employees in corporate would work in. It was only open limited hours. Idk if she ever had to work in it. She also said Emily was really nice and they had fun holiday parties. The entire team was really tight knit. Would hang out outside of work and all that.

  10. Aw, I love that! Glad she was there during their heyday and got to experience it.

  11. “Imagine her with lip shading, micro bladed eyebrows, a tan and an accent!”

  12. Uh no lol she hasn’t had any of those since 2020, Griftmas sucked all those completely dry, never to return again. Alec has his podcast, but I don’t think he is the face of anything in the US or abroad.

  13. I really hope not- they would be about a decade late and already have three face washes/makeup removers.

  14. People buying this product shouldn't have to do that, especially at $22.

  15. No basic product should require that- certainly not a deodorant. There are so many options on the market in a myriad of formulations and scents at much lower price points. This is a major flaw at an extremely basic level.

  16. Wait…is this deodorant going to melt all over the place if you god forbid bring it outside in the summer months? Can I not throw this product in my beach bag? Did they not test the melting point of this product? What…a disaster.

  17. I can’t imagine being pregnant, feeling isolated, posting about needing support publicly and then a few days later your deadbeat dad gets slapped with involuntary manslaughter charges, his life becomes an unimaginable spectacle, your idiota stepmom is leading the circus and your very real plea for help goes completely ignored.

  18. I know right. He wrote “you are not alone” on her post about how she feels. No “we love you”, “we’re here for you”. Just a weird message.

  19. Literally an empty platitude. He never had any capacity for her, and now much less with seven new kids. It must be devastating to experience your father failing to give a shit about you over and over again.

  20. Still fake, always has been, but I think she believes it more than ever.

  21. I suspect that’s why they don’t appear to have any relationship with her.

  22. Yeah, I mean how do you co-sign something like this by publicly being her friend? How do you stand to be around her if she’s pulling these kinds of hijinks.

  23. No matter how many times I see that video, it still makes me rage cringe so hard.

  24. My kingdom for the planning meeting being this insane display of thirst. Wonder how it landed with the popchip people?

  25. Ugh the smashing of her babies face into the teta is…a lot. Kid is being smothered for the gram.

  26. You know, I don’t think she’s had that much work done. Certainly fillers and such, but a lot of that is those eyebrows, lifelong ED and stress.

  27. She…doesn’t need to do a vanity walk to a coffee shop with a bodyguard? And she needs to brush those curls out GIRL COME ON.

  28. My dream come true!!! The accent in full force. Ty op. I can die happy

  29. She is really pushing the narrative that they have 7 kids so everyone should should feel sorry for them. No one feels sorry for you, Hillary! You and Alec both made the stupidest choice to have 7 kids so deal with it!

  30. It’s her ONE thing she can brag about/use to avoid any and all comments.

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