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  1. You would think Indigenous people would have had enough stuff taken away… yet sone people aren’t respecting this form of acknowledgment, albeit small.

  2. I took 8 courses before for one semester and 7 in another. I would never do it again that’s for sure. My brain was broken and burnt out by the end.

  3. Paying for gas and parking is a bit of a pain, but if you can afford it, I’d say it’s worth having access to a car. In my opinion, it provides a lot more freedom to explore outside the city and access national parks or surrounding towns and such when you want, if that’s your thing.

  4. The word “ok”, because it is weird and out of context if said in a lot of situations

  5. My doctor prescribed me Abilify as well, but I came off of it because it made me feel terrible. I haven’t tried any other medications for my Tourette’s since.

  6. I have never had school close for me cause of the cold yet, so I don’t think so.

  7. This literally just happened to me 30 minutes ago. They turned the corner in front me, saw me, walked so slow, and took up the whole passageway.

  8. Is the garage door not opening or are just the side doors locked?

  9. Sometimes my tics are bad when driving so I pull off somewhere to do something while that happens, as my eyes will dart off the road and etc. Usually I focus really well when driving though, like I can get into a kind of trance.

  10. I’ve had this happen to me several times, and I would say that it’s best to just tell her that you are doing it alone and that you never do this type of work with other people. In the past when I said yes (for homework), it not only took out a large portion of my time, but it also plagued me with constantly being fearful that I was doing something illegal lol.

  11. Up here in eastern Canada we rarely ever get snow days. Society here is quite adapted to the snow and etc. Had 1 snow day in all my years of cégep and university.

  12. I disagree. How does capitalism get it out more? And do you mean all types of music genres?

  13. You keep repeating the same thing. I am asking you how does it “promote” music better than a place that is not capitalist?

  14. Usually study or go running with friends. But one day in the future I will get an alien girlfriend. Just you wait.

  15. The worst was either when I was having coprolalia tics when walking near my campus, and a girl started laughing about it.

  16. With a comment history like yours you are 1000% not majority indigenous and I would almost guarantee immediately biracial.

  17. Most people who identify as Indigenous in the Americas are not purely indigenous now a days. It’s been several centuries with so many white people, there’s bound to be a lot more mixture than what you think. Same thing with Black people who descend from the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

  18. Why do they look similar? It is because Native American peoples share a common ancestor with current day populations in Asia, and share similar genetic haplogroups and phenotypes.

  19. When you pay the daily maximum on hotspot mobile (the parking app), it shows 6:00am as the time you've paid until. So I don't imagine you'd have a problem as long as you wake up at 6:00am and pay again.

  20. I know. The reason why I'm asking is because people with dreads have a better idea of what true signs and symptoms are.

  21. Do you have any strong sensation or urge before you have these actions? For me, my tics have an uncomfortable feeling before they happen that feels similar to trying to not blink while wind is blowing in your eyes, and you really want to blink so bad.

  22. I have Tourette’s and have coprolalia tics. The feeling is similar to my other tics. Sometimes it gets bad where I’m yelling and it can be exhausting. Not fun when it happens in public because people might think I’m crazy or angry. Some people are really cool with it and very understanding, some laugh, and others are afraid.

  23. I feel the same way. It’s been 4 years like this for me, with almost complete social isolation :(

  24. I've been on both sides of this. As a rider, I always appreciated when a hiker spoke up and said hi. If they didn't, I would usually speak up with a "hi, how's it going?" or something similar. Even experienced trail horses can get spooked and giving them a verbal cue helps. As someone who hikes with my dogs, I always move off the trail and loudly indicate that I have a dog with me. It's just being polite. I've been on horses that spooked on the trail and depending on where your are it can be horribly dangerous. I've had my horse and pack horse get spooked by a bear, I've had horses spook at other wildlife and yes, even hikers.

  25. I’m not a horse expert, but they are prey animals. I think this is pretty basic knowledge. If you make noise and the horses know you’re there, no problem. If you sneak up on a horse and startle, it may spook or otherwise try to get away from danger. My horse will try to protect herself. When I’m riding I try to make sure I’m double aware of our surroundings. On the ground, I try to make my presence known to horse and rider. I don’t know why they were mad. They could be jerks, or you might have seemed jerky to them. Who knows? I wouldn’t worry about it, though. You don’t sound jerky from your post.

  26. Well that’s the thing. I didn’t know that all prey animals required noise to not get spooked. I’m just learning about this now.

  27. i'm sorry these women were rude/aggressive! there's no reason to be rude to people, especially non-horse people.

  28. Thank you for the clarification and the correction. Sorry about that. I somehow didn’t correlate horses being spooked to being just a universal natural trait amongst horses since they are prey animals after all lol

  29. Lol is that your proof? You do realize that people with Tourette’s aren’t ticcing 24/7? You do realize we can go without having tics or very few for many weeks. It comes and goes. Sometimes it gets to such a severe point and other times not so much.

  30. Sometimes I bring my dog to live with me in Ottawa on some weeks. He’s very, very big and fluff boi, and may look intimidating, but he’s extremely gentle with people.

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