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  1. Direis lo que sea de los franceses pero yo no quiero que nos supere Estados Unidos

  2. No eran ellos que contaban como visitante incluso quien está de tránsito de un país a otro? Vamos número total inflado.

  3. Ministerio de la supremacía feminazi no queda muy políticamente correcto

  4. Se ahorrarán bastante tontería de memoria histórica

  5. Devolvam Olivença senão vai ser pior

  6. Nos van a dejar de vender toallas

  7. I don't even get an email to verify my log in so I'm stuck there. Also when I try to check if my email is still valid, in case it was hacked, while it it reports it sent one email I never get it. Any solution for this? Time on my device is correct and tried to log in via wifi and phone connection directly as well.

  8. Same issue here since yesterday, both on pc and Android app. I don't get any verification email and for them to check the issue out, they need another verification email that also never arrives.

  9. Now I could finish the process.

  10. Y así empezó la nueva guerra española

  11. Será que el empleador no te aplicó los impuestos correctamente

  12. Das a entender que pagas más que si solo tuvieses uno

  13. Yeah but the salary here In Spain is also way lower than in Europe.. here, the minimum salary is around 1000e, 900e after taxes. So expending 100e in a gas tank for a normal 55 liter petrol engine is so overpriced

  14. El dni hace falta? Repostando con coche con matrícula extranjera nunca me dijeron nada. También decir que en Francia también te beneficias de su descuento no siendo francés, ni con coche con matrícula local...

  15. Ich fange nächste Woche einen Job in Augsburg an und habe meine Wohnung über

  16. Kann auch nur home company empfehlen.

  17. How did you get this notification? Did you wrire to them directly?

  18. Was sent per e mail and available on the platform as well.

  19. You can buy the stock, search P911. Initial price was $80, now $86. Same on etoro.

  20. Funny enough got another email from degiro right after writing, basically states that they didn't receive any shares due to excess orders.

  21. DKB maybe worth checking as well.

  22. Esto existe en todos los paises. En España se llama INEM

  23. Generic brands are cheaper than regular brands. Like in literally everything you buy, not only film wrap

  24. And also literally anywhere in the world, not applicable to Spain only.

  25. yea so stop eating lifehack :D

  26. And save on gym or fake diet pills, win win,or in OP line of thinking double 100% cashback.

  27. Reading is very easy without any training, listening depends on the region and needs some training

  28. I would say so, for those from north west Spain (Galicia and maybe Asturias) shall be easier for instance.

  29. It depends a lot on the accent. I was born in Barcelona and speak bilingual Spanish and Catalan, my mum is from Galicia which means I can speak Gallego and my wife is from Brazil (I can speak some Portuguese).

  30. El día que los hagan de fabada, será el fin del mundo (tal y como lo conocemos).

  31. Igual ayuda con la falta de gas

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