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  1. You can wash as often as you need to. Nothing "breaks" your locs. They will unravel some but that's normal until they start to lock. Use a durag, wave cap, some kind of mesh cap and be gentle when you wash.

  2. Trust the process. A lot of changes happen in the first year but patience is key.

  3. Looks normal, happens before budding. It'll thicken up again.

  4. Some people will start with crochet and retwist after. Some will start with crochet and continue crocheting. Crochet is only done 3 or 4 times a year while retwists tend to be more frequent. How you do your maintenance is up to you, based on the look you want.

  5. Whats the difference. Will continously crocheting it lead to a different look than if we continuously retwisted it?

  6. Yes. They will mature differently and look differently as well.

  7. Hello…I used to use that in my hair I believe it’s called motion relaxer (it has a purple cover and in a yellow tin idk if that is the name of it) and it usually breaks my hair so I stopped using it…However if you do have a relaxer that you recommend I’d be happy to try

  8. I've used probably every brand of relaxer out there. My last one was about 10 years ago.

  9. I should’ve mention that I press my hair(sometimes flat iron) a lot every time I go to do it…it was a very very long time ago when I relaxed my hair so currently I just press comb it or flat iron it (on special occasions) and never use relaxers since Ik it doesn’t agree with my hair

  10. So you might also have some heat damage as well. Pictures would be helpful but how you proceed depends mostly on preference.

  11. That’s what I might do honestly thinking about turning them into elephant trunks

  12. Definitely an option. The world is your oyster ☺

  13. Oil may not work for you. I recently stopped using oil and instead spray my scalp with diluted conditioner and it works better than oil ever did.

  14. Should I use diluted leave in conditioner or just diluted conditioner

  15. Regular conditioner. A leave in is already light enough to where it wouldn't need to be diluted.

  16. You can't get rid of lint without doing damage, the easiest thing to do is to dye them.

  17. You can't get rid of lint without doing damage, the easiest thing to do is to dye them.

  18. Dreads are generally a lot less work than a fro. You need very few products, if any.

  19. If it's just dry scalp, you just need to moisturize. If you have dandruff or another scalp condition, washing is the better choice.

  20. Ah, you're talking about combating shrinkage. Once your locs get longer (and thus heavier), that won't be an issue.

  21. Definitely trim. Sometimes that's all you need ☺

  22. Depends on how you maintain them. They could end up being not too much bigger than they are now or could double in size.

  23. The thin one might fall off at some point but you can combine is with the one next to it.

  24. Several methods could get you locs similar to this. You could just show them this picture.

  25. That's an option but crochet may not allow your locs to be as thick as you'd like. Once you crochet them, they won't get much thicker.

  26. Generally you shouldn't retwist more than once a month. The longer you go between retwists, the better.

  27. I remember when you first started! Your progress has been lovely ☺

  28. You can split your roots and then wrap string around each half. Once they grow out enough, you can cut the connected part off.

  29. Okay so you're (probably) type 4 of some kind. Sleep with a durag, bonnet, or loc soc. Durags work for short hair. It would also probably be helpful to wear a durag or whatever under your helmet. If you'll be sweating often, you'll want to wash at least once a week.

  30. Congrats on finishing! I think it came out pretty good ☺

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