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  1. What about Greenland? Danish but next to Canada.

  2. Its not part of the continent plus danes Are a minority

  3. Wait…. If the sun is stationary in regards to earth while the earth is spinning, wouldn’t the sun move left to right that high on the northern hemisphere? Rather than a continues circle?

  4. Maybe its filmed on south Greenland rather than north Greenland, where that circle effect could take place. Or maybe its not at midsummer excaly.

  5. to be fair, he did modernize china more than the other chairmen. I think he was the least worst of them

  6. We're reaching the edge of the map here, we need an update for the current version. Someone should tell the admin and developer team.

  7. The map can be much bigger. It just take a while for us to load the chunks due to the slow light connection

  8. Honest question: why is there only a map with a "small" angle (or netter: cone-shaped) like this? Where ist the rest? Can't wr look the other way?

  9. I am No exspert. From What ive heard All the mapping is from one telescope in new Mexico. If i were to guess i say given that the telescope only view from the northeren hemposphere it cant see half of the sky. But I guess its because its such a big task that 1/4 is what it has done for now. It has mappe out the sky for quite a while and just recently the data got released

  10. As a Norwegian, kjøttkaker, komla, pinnekjøtt, ribba, julepølsa, surkål, riskrem, fenalår, fastelavnsbolla and lussekatter is some of the best food I know

  11. Jeg bliver helt småsulten...fastelavnsboller er konge

  12. This always makes me sad. I see nothing but black 24/7 :( I wanna rotate a cow!!!

  13. I used to be a covid tester in denmark. Glad we never Will do such things.

  14. Im surprised he can speak chinese

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