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TIPS for the reality of going into a conflict zone

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  1. I want to rent one just so I can pull up at a stop light next to a Prius and yell "How do you like them gas prices now, gas guzzler!?". And then peel out with zero exhaust.

  2. Reminds me of the South Park “smug alert” episode in season 10 lol that’s a good one

  3. I noticed this as well with textnow. I have my main telegram account using my real phone number and then I had a second telegram account under a textnow number and using Nicegram. I logged off one day and tried getting back in and textnow wanted me to pay.! This just happened maybe a month ago. So I downloaded the burner app and pay 4.98 a month for a secure second number. Burner has no ads unlike textnow and it’s a solid option for your needs.

  4. Thank you so much for the input, I’m seriously considering a switch to ev. I did the live chat with GM today and asked about the battery life after a year as I’ve read that the current battery looses longevity after time much like a cellphone battery does

  5. Imagine blaming restaurants, that have maybe the thinnest margins of profits of any industry, for your troubles. Do you have any idea what it costs to keep a restaurant running?

  6. Come on, you know they mark up a little bit especially the chain restaurants like bw3’s. I watched them unload freezer burnt food and they still sold it. They just soak it in hot sauce to cover up the freezer burnt taste.

  7. If I had twitter I would go post a funny meme for that. But I don’t have twitter ugh

  8. any possibiliti to add [Erai-raws], im asking because it as lots off anime whit multi sub

  9. Awesome I’ll add it and check it out.

  10. In only 45 minutes too who do I thank for this?

  11. Can I go as a medical volunteer? I am a nurse

  12. There are several however, the channel owners don’t do a good job to keep hate speech off their discussion (and just not Russian hate speech) so I’m not comfortable with sharing the links here.

  13. Same, usually crypto scams. They say that they are in the USA but you can tell by the words they use they’re not. For instance the one was using kilometers when talking about cars

  14. Cyber tip and they have their own channel on telegram too. and report to cyber tip And email the link to

  15. Many news outlets now have telegram channels and if you join their channels many of them have “discussion” and which are groups. However, word of advice, those news “discussion” groups can get out of hand quickly. Don’t join if you don’t have thick skin or get offended easy. There are other groups, but you need an invite link for them. If you know a subject just google it or duck duck go if that’s your thing and see what results turn up.

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