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  1. Get this man some royalties

  2. I got one a hand it to me. Noticed it on my stats screen. Clicked on it. Submitted my side of the story-"aaliyah was waiting for me at the door and i handed her the order". It disappeared within about 5-10 minutes. They must've checked the gps?🤷🏽

  3. Banks are offering cash delivery now? Gonna start my dashes now with bald tires.

  4. It works better when calling instead of messaging. Average call time is too long. Unassigning keeps you moving and making money

  5. Looks like the precipitation could hold off til late tomorrow morning

  6. It plays for 1 second then loads then skips. Twitch is terrible

  7. Morgan and Poland Springs together. Elaine’s boss buys Poland springs in Seinfeld

  8. Fiji tastes the best according to "experts". Higher silica content. I buy bottled water with the calcium chloride and sodium bicarbonate added

  9. I know, right? Miller beers destroy your small intestine. Drink Anheuser Busch beers for your domestic needs

  10. What a scam! Kidnap pets and wait for reward posts & posters in the neighborhoods to go up

  11. Just put the dirty boots on top of the white shoes

  12. This looks like someone’s home.. like the downstairs part.. do you kids live down there?

  13. It's what's known as a duplex. 1 apartment covers the downstairs. 1 apartment the upstairs with a shared entryway to the outside.

  14. Bring back mental hospitals

  15. Need my p.o. box? I'm looking for a new caregiver

  16. Dilapidated house with no lights on that hadn't been shoveled all winter with a porch full of garbage and its door propped open by the mounds of snow on the steps. Add to that a car doing a drive by shooting slow roll. $8 tip though!

  17. What strain is it? Looks blue dreamy. What week of flower is it in?

  18. Honestly not sure of the strain it’s a bag seed,It started flowering about 8 weeks ago tho

  19. Let it go another week and post an update

  20. Always decline. By letting it time out, it can send you the same order again if no other dashers are near or available

  21. Text or call as soon as they accept the order?

  22. Yes- we have tried this. Sometimes they respond but most times they don’t.

  23. Call customer service. They might have a fix

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