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I'm catching the vibration

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  1. Haha. I made an OP that said they would have been Fog Hat (w/o JPJ) .... and all hell broke out! Fog Hat has a serious fan base on this Zep sub.

  2. Oh you are not familiar with this lyric?

  3. Is this AI enhanced? It’s crystal clear

  4. Jimi Hendrix on Rahsaan Roland Kirk : 'I like Charlie Mingus and this other cat who plays all the horns, Roland Kirk. I like very different jazz, not all this regular stuff. Most of it is blowing blues and that's why I like free-form jazz. The groovy stuff instead of the old-time hits like they get up there and play "How High is the Moon" for hours and hours - it gets to be a drag.'

  5. Taj Mahal: I really literally don’t recall a day in my life up to now that I have never listened to music or heard music or thought about music or had music in some kind of way. Danced to it, watched dancing, got involved in it, played music.

  6. My brother, and several of my friend’s brothers drove 10 hours to Woodstock. They had to park 4 or 5 miles away. They all said it was a miserable hell hole for the three days. Walk down by the stage, standing in 8 inches of smelly mud, suddenly realizing it is mixed with human excrement.

  7. Did they eat the brown acid? There was a warning ....

  8. Legend has it Ginger Baker told him look kid you”ll never make it as a bass player maybe you should try guitar so he did and achieved some success in doing so but in his heart he’s always wished he had the chops for bass.

  9. “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” Awesome! I never heard this before. Thanks for sharing!

  10. She's in the picture sitting between the guys offstage . Just kidding. Of course CSNY made it famous on top 40 radio back in the day.

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