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  1. - As Jones explained to the Post, his football coach, Jim Albright, had warned players to avoid the widely anticipated scene on the first day of classes at North Little Rock High.

  2. North Little Rock high? It took place at Little Rock Central High.

  3. theres gotta be a way to get out a lease. especially after contacting them and everyone else should be good enough reason to get out of a lease.

  4. I can't get out of the lease because it's too much money. I'm a student and my lease expires next May so I just have to deal with it

  5. Why do people always post what can I do. Instead of just being an adult and talking to them like mature adults? Then maybe the problem can be resolved without conflict or other more serious problems. Are people scared of a simple confrontation these days. Pussies I tell ya. That’s that technology era for you. The world became unsociable

  6. My apartment complex leasing office warned me about talking to them. Otherwise I would've done it a long time ago. I may be young but I'm not afraid of confrontation boomer

  7. You could've shortened the video so I didn't waste 20 seconds of my life

  8. But you're the one trying to show others? Don't attack me

  9. Having the game on an SSD helped load textures quicker for me.

  10. This is why I fucking hate small dogs. Dumb little annoying yappers

  11. Sim's BBQ in Little Rock

  12. Wow. Still hard to believe but the picture seems legit.

  13. If you have an iPhone, look at the picture in your gallery and swipe up

  14. Q level clearance is bullshit

  15. What's the thing on the wall that everything is mounted to?

  16. It's southern geographically and culturally but not a member of the "Deep South"

  17. "For six decades now luminous and other unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) have been sighted worldwide in large numbers. Extensive scientific unidentified aerial phenomena observations have been made over the last 26 years in Hessdalen, Norway. The optical properties of luminous UAPs have been described in detail, but all efforts to explain them by terrestrial causes have failed. Earlier scientific attempts to explain UAPs by extraterrestrial visitation (ETV) have failed as well. A new ETV hypothesis is proposed which aims at causally explaining all luminous UAP sightings in Hessdalen and most elsewhere. To this end a galactic neighborhood scenario and model is defined. It explains why a stealth ETV probe equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) has been built by an exo-civilization and sent in a historical past into our solar system. It states that this extraterrestrial visitation probe (ETVP), now orbiting the earth, occasionally sends a stealth electromagnetic beam (SEMB) down into the atmosphere. It explains in detail how such an SEMB produces luminous UAPs by means of a nonlinear photonic mechanism which, as such, has been known and investigated since 1995 as a branch of current femtosecond physics. This photon mechanism is further developed into a UAP-A and a UAP-B model. Together the two models explain all optical Hessdalen observations."

  18. People CAN change. I used to be a piece of shit. Slicked back hair... sloppy steaks...

  19. What the fuck that's horrible "research"

  20. I lived in Frederiksberg and once had a man pull a machete on me around 2 am on Finsensvej.

  21. Apparently it's a slim chickens manager!!!

  22. Slim Chickens always doing the most 😋

  23. In the same boat. How did you end up preparing and what steps have you been told to complete next?

  24. I completed the recorded interview and an English assessment and now I'm waiting to hear back

  25. Unless you are desperate for a job, run - don't walk - to your nearest exit. Sucktastic company...

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