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  1. Haha, just got back from studying in Denmark as an American and was taught this game. Great fun.

  2. What happened with 3fold and cannibal and craft?

  3. Fellowship midtown has a good bible based message. Just moved here a month ago and got plugged into a group. Now I know a bunch of people and I’m meeting more every week. Also, the food trucks at the Rail Yard are awesome.

  4. Fellowship is a money making scheme. So is New Life

  5. Kinda got that impression from New Life, haven't been to Fellowship though.

  6. They do that just to draw people in, imo. I was involved with youth ministry and it became very apparent to me how they fuel the growth of the "church"

  7. Hey- not a foreigner but grew up in Little Rock and am currently a young adult.

  8. "Towns are taken over" sounds awfully white supremacist talk to me

  9. It was a fun time, I played last summer. Some guys form their own teams but most are free agents. It's not that serious

  10. According to who? Mick West?

  11. I was there earlier that day I think and saw that guy. He was screaming about how Muslims have treated Africans throughout time.

  12. Lemme know if they give you any problems! Did you remove the GPU before packing it up?

  13. Had no problems other than lugging it around 3 different airports. And yes I took the GPU out and kept it in the original box in my backpack.

  14. To prevent the PCB from snapping by any chance

  15. It's all in the fingers

  16. Scored a retro Toad Suck fest shirt from a vintage store in Little Rock. Easily favorite shirt now

  17. Try rate my professor?

  18. This is dope! What's the significance of the coordinates?

  19. What kind of turtle is this

  20. Everything seems to be booked or super expensive

  21. Cool, what do you recommend there?

  22. Get a cpu cooler. Not that expensive

  23. Fucking masterpiece. This is hilarious

  24. How did you make out? I too have read horror stories about NVIDA's warranty process.

  25. Went fine. Got a refurbished card and it works better than the other one

  26. So you sent it back with the original pads or aftermarket pads?

  27. Original pads but they were all messed up

  28. Hey, you know what you can do to help? Increase your state's minimum wage so that a lot of these single moms don't get shafted.

  29. Arkansas (the state he governed*) actually has a relatively (especially compared to other southern states) high minimum wage at $11.00 an hour.

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