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  1. Reducing deaths is really only possible with rehabilitation and guided living programs, where they have the daily structure and accountability to show them the way to a better life, and help them climb the stairs to it.

  2. Ill offer an alternative no one is mentioning: drug use centers where there is a safe space to use, dispose of needles, and have a small medical staff on hand for any ODs.

  3. MGS2 is closer to reality than people realize

  4. Have you not been paying attention? Because it seems like RC is going to do it via NFTs

  5. Not how government works. Time to get educated on our government and how it works. The only reason Marijuana is not decrim/legal federally is the Republican party. Facts fucking matter.

  6. Please educate how its not up to the president to schedule drugs

  7. This lesson is for free, any info I give you that you could easily google for yourself will come with a 25$ charge.

  8. Oh of course, I forgot the AG was directed on stances by the Senate lol.

  9. Real talk for second. Ghost Rider is definitely one of my favourite heroes in marvel. He’s half the reason I bought midnight suns because I love playing as him and being able to play as Robbie Reyes (who is in my opinion the most underrated Ghost rider) in a new Marvel game is a dream come true. It’s so fun to play as him and he does massive amounts of damage.

  10. Can I also say that Robbie Reyes in Agents of Shield was badass

  11. Station changing formats, usually. They pick a song and play it for awhile until the new DJs get setup

  12. Cyber draft gonna fuck people up who thought they were too fat for combat.

  13. if Biden wanted to tomorrow he couldn’t he just remove marijuana from the schedule one list with an executive order?

  14. Yes. Putting on the dog and pony Senate debate show is unnecessary AF.

  15. Bring this up today to that audience and it’s fake news and an attack on religion.

  16. Can I get the TLDR? No attention span to read the whole article :P

  17. CF was better with Springer, as much as I like our current CFs, I loved Springer

  18. Fucking general strike everywhere. Fuck Best Buy and Target and Walmart and Home Depot. Workers just don't show up until 2023.

  19. Workers could break the economy in a day or so by stopping/slowing work AND not spending any money including paying bills

  20. I mean, they wouldn't charge GameStop wallet if they were partners, right? 👀

  21. Charge for what? Nothing happens on the GME wallet that can be charged.

  22. If its the same, gme wouldnt have been approved.

  23. all of that sounds like bargaining power to me and for the power to be real you have to be willing to wield it

  24. Yup, thats exactly why the workers shield strike

  25. The Presidents Working Group on Markets aka PPT aka some of the biggest fraudsters in the world

  26. Finally…an accurate movie about this event. Bear goes balls out on bad drugs and is fucked. Bear causes terror for a period hopped up on the product. Bear drops dead.

  27. My rule with those is they are permitted above door hight. Any lower earns eviction

  28. Imagine the surge of DRSed shares on Jan 2, 2023! If you cash out your 401k on January, you won't have to pay taxes/penalties for 16 months!

  29. Lambo or hobo, no in between baby!

  30. Fuck at stopping with the railroads, I want a general strike. Bring this whole machine to a halt.

  31. Is it ethical to steal if you cant afford to live?

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