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  1. When it comes to new expansion, start opening with golden, since first 10 packs of new exp are guaranteed to have at least 1 legendary

  2. Each type of pack has it's own pity timer, beside class packs. So it doesn't matter if they open golden or non-golden packs first.

  3. So you mean to tell me I'm guaranteed legendary in first 10 normal packs, and then another in first 10 golden?

  4. Death Knight should have been Metal Metal

  5. or you know, death knight should be... death metal

  6. Zaraz... Coś mnie ominęło? To Dziambor nie jest już w Konfie?

  7. I'm really itching to write what would make my world better with Kai but it won't get popular.

  8. Hopefully Real won't replace Ancelotti with an absolute penis again who will throw Tchou under the bus.

  9. Fine! Because Bayern and Real share such a deep friendship we're willing to take him on loan with a 50 million option to buy.

  10. But Kvara can easily land himself in a top PL club this summer and earn 300k weekly, so I don't think the Serie A standard is relevant to the comment you are replying to.

  11. Very much doubt he'd get 300k even in PL, maybe in a year or two if he keeps his form. Look at recent big transfers in PL - Mudryk is on 90k, Nunez 140k I believe, Antony, feel free to correct me but is on below 200k as well. The ~8m gross which is reported here for Kvara is somewhere within this range, if you take currency exchange rate into consideration it would be like 120-130k.

  12. I wouldn't equate what Kvara is doing to what Mudryk/Nunez did before earning the move. Kvara is instrumental in Napoli dominating a top 5 league and he could take them far in the UCL still.

  13. I mean. Would he get more if he went to PL? Yes. But it wouldn't be so much bigger pay as some people are trying here to suggest that he'd get double or even triple the salary.

  14. Panie Mentzen, jako przedsiębiorca i "wolnościowiec", chce pan nierozrywalnej umowy cywilnoprawnej?

  15. They've done it twice, once in 2003 and once in 2023.

  16. Hello? I would like to report a murder. Actually, two.

  17. took them long enough, should be one of the very first names introduced

  18. knowing their affinity for ex-Chelsea people, they will try to go for Marina, lol

  19. Harder to fulfill than [[Impending Catastrophe]], less of a reward.

  20. Question is, what happens when I cast it when having something like [[Mistake]] on the board? Technically I'm controlling all minion types (11 if I remember correct). Do I draw 12?

  21. I mean, I simply don't know how it would work, so I'm asking the question, lol.

  22. Is that Al-Khelaifi on the right?

  23. Dang I know Chelsea is good but I must have missed our World Cup campaign.

  24. All the best Ngolo, stay healthy!

  25. did they really need to put Argentinian flag next to each name?

  26. So why is your linkup with Pulisic and Ziyech so poor?

  27. I totally forgot that Konoplyanka joined Cracovia

  28. Based on this and other revealed cards - managerie warrior may break it to low tier 3 in Wild. But Standard? It's not looking good imo.

  29. So this is how Warrior dies... with roaring applause.

  30. why isn't this the top comment?

  31. Well, considering you have to cast a number of "random" spells to get time warp in first place, this has rather a low chance of hitting it.

  32. Autor nagłówka ma u mnie piwko

  33. Is this legit? Never heard of this reporter honestly speaking.

  34. Plettenberg is one of the more reliable ones for Buli

  35. We fired Tuchel to eventually hire the guy who was fired from the club that would hire Tuchel

  36. please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

  37. well we already did, lost the game and Potter survived

  38. Was it the home or away that you lost?

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