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  1. Because you're so stupid, I just had to jerk your chain!

  2. I don't respond to hate with hate. However, I am tired of stupid people, of which you are probably one. I just can't condone the stupidity and lunacy of people any longer. In the future I'm just going to ignore it as best as I can, but sometimes I might reply to idiotic comments just to ensure the people know they are really stupid. Usually the stupid don't realize it, instead they call other people (that they can't understand because, well, they're stupid), stupid. Get it? I doubt it.

  3. Well usually for me shit doesn't get weird till later on. I opened up reddit and the first post I saw was on Ask Reddit with this one dude asking how he can have a 3 way with both his sisters for some breeding fun...

  4. I am not asking this, except rhetorically. What freaking sub is that from? (NO, I don't really want to know) 😁

  5. Oh, right right. You did say, just me not paying enough attention. Thanks. I'm not going there . . . that qualifies as not just weird, but deranged!

  6. He was standing guard, making sure the UN is safe? Just a guess . . .

  7. Have any of you watched Desmond Ridder play? He's the best QB out there. Guy can flat out ball, and he is going to make some NFL team better if they draft him. He's a winner.

  8. Ok, I said the same thing about Drew Brees when he was at Purdue. Just for the record.

  9. You know what is going to happen. You just know it.

  10. No. What is going to happen that you think everybody knows?

  11. If you think real hard, you might just figure out what I meant.

  12. Who said criminals don't know how to have a good time?

  13. I've never heard anyone say that.

  14. Well, that was the point. NO ONE has ever said it. Until now. 😁

  15. You lost me. I have no idea what this is talking about.

  16. What makes you think they won't? Or at the very least strip it to the point where Roe has no teeth anymore?

  17. Because they were asked about this, and Kavanaugh said they considered Roe v Wade to be settled, and they had no plan to overturn it. That is why.

  18. She wasn't on the Court at the time. Again, Roe v Wade is safe. Just watch.

  19. We humans seem bound and determined to cause our own extinction.

  20. Does that actually matter? You're here, end of discussion. 😁

  21. I warned everyone years ago. IQ's are plummeting, and the dumber we're getting, the worse come our decisions. It should be fairly obvious at this point.

  22. I feel lucky I got the Moderna vaccine, and booster. Maybe I'll live?

  23. No, you most assuredly will die. It won't feel like enough when it comes, either. Sorry!

  24. First of all, I'd have it look less like the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and more like a Star Destroyer.

  25. “Open borders” is a nonsense term having nothing to do with anything.

  26. You don't seem to understand the meaning of the word "nonsense." Open Borders means just that. No passport, no customs, no vetting of any kind.

  27. If anyone believes this describes the US border to Mexico (because let’s face it, that’s the only border they care about) they are living in nonsense. Their heads have an open border with nonsense.

  28. There is no open border with Mexico, or anywhere else into the U.S. What's your point? You said "open borders" is a nonsense term. It is not a nonsense term, and your reference to the fact we don't actually have one doesn't mean the term is nonsense.

  29. How fortuitous. I happen to have one for sale . . .

  30. We won’t know if it is mild until about two weeks from now. If the ICUs are starting to fill up then we can say it is mild.

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