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[Homemade] Philly

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  1. Luckily, the brisket finished before Ian came ashore, about 40 minutes north of where I live. The smoker was safely back in the garage shortly thereafter!

  2. eh i just let people order whatever they want. roasted red peppers are great on a cheesesteak if you ever try it.

  3. I mean, by all means, get whatever you want on your cheesesteak. In Philly, people aren't getting bell peppers on their cheesesteaks. Like I said, banana peppers or long hots, perhaps jalapenos, but not bell peppers.

  4. lol i live in south philly man. it's called a pepper cheesesteak and pretty much every place in the city sells one. they wouldn't sell it if people weren't ordering it.

  5. I lived in Philly for four years and in South Jersey for eight. I'm aware of pepper steaks. I've seen exactly one eaten, and it wasn't in the Philly area.

  6. Definitely order shelf brackets from Amazon, and get yourself a front shelf. It's indispensable. Also, a smoke tube.

  7. I Do Cars. It's literally a guy tearing down engines, and it's amazing.

  8. TLDR of captions - foundation shifted and caused a crack which brought water, mud and a bunch of little worms up through it. What can i put in the crack to kill off the worms that won't harm the cement before resealing it?

  9. No need to try and get rid of the worms?

  10. I mean, there are worms under the concrete. Maybe dig the dirt out as best you can before doing so, which will remove the worms on the surface.

  11. 200 seems high, and I would be scared of the mount failing. Plus, no protection of inside of doors against the wall.

  12. I'll be doing something like this, but building the mount out of 2x4s. There's a good video on YouTube of a guy building it out. My worry is always going to be dust, because my garage is partially open to the elements.

  13. Depends on the grill. I have the rec tec bullseye and it can easily reach 550 in normal operation and then has a riot mode where it will get to around 750-800.

  14. I have a 590 and a Bullseye. I use the tool that's right for each job.

  15. Is this a front wheel for a Performance Package 1 car? I'm pretty sure that the only Mustang GT that has a LSD is a PP1 (Torsen), and the front tires are 255s. Putting a tire on the front would do nothing to the LSD.

  16. I see where you are going but also, no one is forcing those guys to keep racing, in fact they are making millions of dollars to do so. Yes NASCAR needs to work on many things but these older drivers just sound desperately sad.

  17. But it's no different in any other sport. MLB manipulating baseballs, NHL changing rules and the width of goalie pads, etc, etc, etc. The governing bodies want to "attract the youth" and they will try anything, at the detriment to the sport. The older drivers are the ones that have played the game, seen the bullshit, and are close enough to being done to have the comfort level to say something out loud.

  18. I'm from NJ, and pizza is a really big deal. La Pizzeria is, by far, the best I've had in Charleston. Park Pizza is extremely good, though. Baroni's in Mount P used to be great, but they've been closed for some time, and I've never tried the West Ashley location.

  19. Baronis on Mt P is horrible

  20. Mustang and bronco complement each other so well 🔥

  21. 2016 Race Red Mustang GT Performance Package plus a 2022 Race Red Wildtrak to be built tomorrow. And a 1986 Camaro with a big block. I have the fun garage in the neighborhood!

  22. Careful, Pete showing emotion rustles the jimmies of some people here…

  23. I will never understand people that don't love Pete. He's just a big goofball that hits the shit out of baseballs, and I love him for it!

  24. Do you think they're under or over estimating? It's been almost a year since I ordered my Bronco, and it's being built tomorrow. My buddy ordered an Aviator, and it took about four months to be built, then nine weeks for delivery. Everything is all over the place.

  25. She might be, and she did a great job, but this was Trent and Atticus.

  26. You don’t think the vocal was important? I’d give her half the credit.

  27. With a guest vocalist, yes, I think it's less important than the production and instrumentation. Like I said, Karen I came out and said that she had never even heard one of the just iconic songs in rock history before recording.

  28. I would go pickle brine, but definitely get that pork loin into a brine and wrap with bacon!

  29. This was in the forward at the beginning of the audiobook, which I'm currently reading. He didn't specifically mention that it was the scariest thing he had written, but that he thought he had crossed a line that wasn't ok to be crossed.

  30. I read this one for the first time over the winter, and it was one hell of a ride!

  31. No spoilers! I'm about 70% through and plan to finish it tomorrow!

  32. It’s illegal here (North Carolina) but all they do is give you a citation that you can take to the court and they just drop it. It’s fucking ridiculous.

  33. I wish South Carolina would make it illegal, but McDisaster is too busy trying to protect us fRoM tHe GaYs AnD tHe AbOrTiOnIsTs.

  34. I got through The Martian and PHM. But after 3 attempts I still can't get interested in Artemis. It just seems slow early on and full of inconsequential things. Glad to see I'm not alone on this.

  35. I didn't read the print version, but having Rosario Dawson read me the audio book version worked just fine!

  36. I do believe he's 'restored' to Gunslinger era Roland with some key differences i.e, having The Horn of Eld

  37. I think it's more likely that he's restored to before Mejis and before the events that led to his mother's death and the infiltration of Marten. All the events that made Roland what he is need to play out again, in order for him to be at the when and where that allows him to climb the Tower. Mayhap there are differences, but the broad gist will be the same.

  38. Keep in mind a Bama tuner is just an SCT

  39. The hardware is (somewhat) irrelevant. Bama's tunes have been known to grenade engines. I know they've gotten better, but I wouldn't use them.

  40. No it isn't. The "vaccines" do not reduce the spread, only the symptoms that lead to hospitalization.

  41. Does being a clown require that you paint your face daily, or is it like one and done?

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