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  1. I've been away from the sub for a while, just came back to say how elated I am by this

  2. Was it that vintage sports shop in the East Village? Mr throwback or something?

  3. close to East Village—First Team Vintage in the Lower East Side, on Ludlow St just south of Houston. luv Mr Throwback tho

  4. they were around $150 each. I passed, but… who knows. if I stop by again in a couple weeks and they’re still there…

  5. It bugs me that NBC Sports Washington has the Clippers in red on the scoreboard when the Wizards are the ones in red

  6. is this product placement for that Israeli cereal he's in ads for

  7. got the graffiti of this all over NYC the past couple weeks 🏍 🦋

  8. there's more of us than I expected. hoping to catch Wiz-Knicks at MSG next Friday if I can find last-minute tix that aren't MSG prices

  9. I picked up a new sealed copy for $60 from J&L Games in NYC last month. It’s the Middle East/Southeast Asia version of the game but it’s literally the exact same game with the same box art and even the ESRB rating. The region code on the cartridge itself even ends in “USA”.

  10. Kinda curious, but what makes this version the middle eastern one?

  11. There’s a little box on the back cover of the game saying it’s the Middle East / Southeast Asia version. Otherwise it’s literally exactly the same as the North American version of the game. it’s not censored or anything. outside of the major regions like NA, Japan, and Europe, other regions of the world get a strange hodgepodge of game versions

  12. it's tense moments like that defensive possession there where it really bothers me that Kutcher & Gooden are still going off on a tangent rather than actually calling PxP of the play

  13. Neto made the real life air Jordan pose on his way to injury

  14. Sorry I've been out of the loop lately (this is from 5 days ago), but I haven't seen anyone here post this yet.

  15. going to the game tonight! so happy I'll get to see him.

  16. when people call DC a "transient city" they're talking about white DC.

  17. maaan, I'm gonna miss him. happy he's going to his hometown team, and a team that's better than the Wiz rn.

  18. what ever happened to the sexual assault accusations against him

  19. I'll just make it the background on my phone then

  20. with data like this, I always wonder—is this worldwide sales? does it include physical & digital? How are Prime Trilogy sales factored into this? what about re-releases on Virtual Console, etc?

  21. This is top notch. Holy shit, that's not a name I've heard in a minute lol

  22. thank u, thank u, I was worried it’s too niche. wild that the folks who made Commander Keen are the same people who made Doom and Quake

  23. Haven't heard it. Is he the one that comes off as Bradley Beal's publicist on Twitter? Or is that Ava Wallace? (still learning my wizards guys)

  24. people have said that about him, but he’s also thrown a lot of shade at Beal during this bad run lately, so I don’t really buy it.

  25. Dinwiddie wasting an entire possession before last-minute forcing Trezz to take a 3 is the worst thing i’ve seen in a while

  26. I just got hit with a $331 January bill for my studio apartment, more than triple what I normally pay, so I stumbled on this thread. Did you ever find a solution?? I emailed with ConEd and talked with them on the phone, and all they told me was that this is normal and rates just fluctuate sometimes. But I've asked around and no one else I know is paying anywhere close to $331 this month.

  27. Hey I recently got slapped with a $400 bill for dec-Jan. These prices are insane!

  28. I feel like I’m floundering in the dark. but I think what it is is I’m paying for my own heating as part of the gas bill, while most apartments with average utility bills don’t make tenants pay for their own heat? I dunno. I’m so frustrated.

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