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  1. It looks like the mods will create a new thread for each city, not each show. I think we're still using the Glendale AZ for tonight's show! 💕 (But someone please correct me if I'm wrong.)

  2. yes this is correct! still the same thread for tonight

  3. It also says that “All of the girls you’ve loved before” was released in 2019 (with lover) so I don’t think they have their dates right yet

  4. I've seen some speculation that it's so that speak now TV will be completely self written

  5. Conway Recording Studios pullover

  6. Likely to be accepted, it's usually something attached with a scholarship (not 100% sure but from the ones I did know that got a likely, that was the case). It's an incentive to go to Columbia since these students probably have options elsewhere. Even some of the people who get likely letters and a scholarship don't always choose to come to Columbia

  7. Oh man that looks like it gets super tedious with all those dark pieces. How long did it take you?

  8. I think I did it in like 4-5 hours? I did it over two nights on and off doing other stuff.

  9. This is so cool! Did you permanently fix the back of it?

  10. Not yet, but I will be! It's actually quite big so would be a cool thing to hang up or display

  11. You guys do realize this was just a scheme to get more money? 😆 I feel bad for those who fell for it.

  12. Huh? I mean that's what pretty much all merch is.... Plus I enjoy doing puzzles

  13. how can we know if our local stores will have this vinyl for sale?? :'(( i live in europe and the site says that stores near me are participating but idk how do i see if theyll have stack of this vinyl?

  14. usually closer to the date, they'll know more and you can call in to ask. some stores are nicer than others about if they have it or not.

  15. Has anyone found any clear stadium bags?

  16. there's a lot of options on amazon


  18. This is so cool. Did you go to the concert in person?

  19. I wasn't able to but watched it live on StageIt. There was a give away thing the next day for people to participate in.

  20. Ooh was this the top donors thing? If not, I guess I must have missed it

  21. Did the resale thread disappear or is it just me? Desperately searching for tickets for Detroit and I've been refreshing it all day - and now - poof.

  22. We made a new thread since most of the comments were for trades. Please the new links in the main body

  23. A huge thank you to my secret Santa,

  24. I'm nervous! I thought general sale was 10am not 2pm. I tried to go to ticketmaster to pull up the venue again but it no longer lists the next on sale dates because "presale is happening"?

  25. Does face value include fees? Because holy shit the fees

  26. This is a great question. I just got tickets to a show for this Friday via a posting on the bands subreddit. It was super convenient and I knew I could trust the person selling since they had a Reddit history and history in the sub as well. It’s frustrating to me that isn’t allowed here.

  27. You can join the official discord (

  28. We were so so lucky to get 3 tickets to Vegas (Friday March 24). Feeling soo greatful, but it's definitely a longer flight for us. Was hoping to get Chicago or New York - so if anyone has 3 dates to those cities and wants to trade DM me! Otherwise, I'm so excited either way and will go anywhere to see her!!!

  29. You can join the official discord (

  30. hello! i joined the discord but don’t see anywhere specifically for reselling. do you know if a channel will be set up for that, or should i just post in the #taylortour channel?

  31. Please check the pinned comment in #taylor-tour.

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