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  1. The rematch is supposed to happen by the end of the year.

  2. Does MarvNation have a deal with NBC?

  3. Yea, Roma lost. Sevilla are the kings of Europa League.

  4. I hope someone uploads Hayato Tsutsumi fight on YouTube soon.

  5. Definitely, it sucks that he’s stuck with Golden Boy/DAZN for a long time. De La Hoya probably having a Canelo Déjà Vu.

  6. He’s under contract until 2026.

  7. Ah ok my bad. Thought I'd read he was available

  8. All good, the 2026 is new information.

  9. Claggett fights are always entertaining, his fight with Lugo was really fun to watch. Also he’s on a streak of knockouts which is great. I hope EOTTM makes the Punching Grace subscription cheaper or they could attempt to get a broadcasting deal with DAZN or TVA here in Canada. (Preferably DAZN)

  10. They don’t even have a cheap subscription anymore, you have to pay for three months. They’re also doing a terrible job not putting their content on YouTube such as the Wilkens Mathieu documentary. They have around six events a year and get the broadcasting rights of Top Rank cards that have their fighters. It’s not worth it paying 100+$.

  11. Keyshawn also in the co-main facing Patera.

  12. Wtf is the reasoning for this being in a shithole like oklahoma?

  13. There’s been quite a few Top Rank events in Oklahoma, especially in Tulsa but Shawnee seems like an odd place. Never heard of it before and the main event doesn’t even have an American.

  14. Is Loma’s issue that he still thinks in terms of amateur scoring? He outlanded Haney and possibly outlanded Teo (CompuBox disagrees but that new AI thing says he overall did), but round-by-round he def lost to Teo and the Haney fight was razor close.

  15. Loma needs to stop thinking that he won the fight and start giving rounds to his opponents. He gave the 12th round to Haney because he got too cocky and believed he won when the fight wasn't even over yet. If he would have tried in the 12th round, it would have been a draw and he had all the momentum.

  16. That's the thing, why, though? Does he keep a count of the punches landed and figure he has it won due to his hundreds of amateur fights?

  17. It could be the case, the man has over 300 amateur fights and came to the pros quite late.

  18. Fig for now but when Fulton moves up he’ll be the best

  19. Still under hospital care and his vital signs are stable.

  20. I don’t think Magsayo has good ring IQ

  21. Ah I see I’m kindav a fan, but to each their own, respect for keeping it honest. I now want to see that matchup.

  22. It’s the best fight Top Rank can make and it’s an unification too. I’d love to see Venado face Lara.

  23. It’s the fight that makes the most sense for Top Rank, outside of Robeisey, Venado and Villa they’re dry at 126. Hopefully, we can see this fight by the end of this year. The boxing gods are giving us loads of great fights this year!

  24. Okolie definitely wants the ref to deduct him another point

  25. I’m loving this, this ref is doing an amazing job

  26. btw boys Nick Ball fight is in the second round in the Queensbury Card.

  27. Congratulations Luton, watching that stadium during Prem games is going to be fun.

  28. Dortmund 🤝 Choking the league to Bayern

  29. The first fight in that Jake Paul card fight, Jesus how did the commission let that fight happen.

  30. Matchroom been stepping Pacheco well, I’d love to see Matchroom feed Berlanga to Pacheco. Also excited to see Rocky Hernandez debut with Matchroom. I wonder if Matchroom tries to make Cordina vs Zelfa, Foster vs Rocky and the winners fight.

  31. That’s a really tough fight, if it happens got to give Haney respect for taking an even tougher fight than Loma.

  32. Hernandez is due to return on July 7th in Mexico vs Undefeated Venezuelan fighter Joniker Tovar (21-0-1 16KOs) on DAZN.

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