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  1. Then it would still be Kiana Katlana, except in her HoV form.

  2. Best Answer: No. Why are you even pulling knowing that you don't have the crystals to get near the guarantee?

  3. I got the guns in my last single pull yesterday. Incredible stroke of luck on my part. And yeah, that teaches me not to pull with so little xtals....

  4. So on one hand, I'm currently good with my fire team with my 4/4 HoF, AE and Raven, but seeing Ai chan and what she can do, can be a better alternative to Raven.

  5. I do have HoS with the Pri and and SirinT & Dirac M/B load out, do I need her signature stigmatas tho?

  6. Someone taught me that HoS can do well with the budget stigs(Teri Gluttony T, Mei BP M, and Newton B) or the Beethoven Set since PE is a Melee Phys DPS, but if you have the xtals for pulling her stigs, then go for it.

  7. Thank you so much for your help! Last question, is HoHe gear dependant? and do you think PE will be replaced soon with a new dmg dealer or is she new enough to stay at the top for a while?

  8. Who knows for sure? No news of a new Phys DPS has been announced yet. For now PE is your best bet in Phys Melee DPS.

  9. You need herrscher of sentience immediately or your phys team will be lacking so much damage

  10. I don't have any of her gear, any suggestions for a good alternative?

  11. She can work with any budget options like the usual theresa T mei beach M and newton B or beethoven for melee valks but it doesn’t work with elysia since she’s ranged dps. For the weapon use AE weapon so you just need the valk herself Her gear is still strong and will give you advantage but go for it if you can afford it cuz griseo gear are more important

  12. Kind of, it has a random chance to appear in the Exchange House and you can only get it there currently.

  13. Bc I have it max lvl, it is good too, so yeah was wondering

  14. It's a pretty good alternative if you don't have better M Stigs.

  15. Well for me, I used HoH Elysia, Sushang and Pardo.

  16. Does that mean you have willows? If yes then use willows

  17. Now, do you pardo and her gear or AE and her gear? Without pardo nyx needs rank up but with pardo her SP issues are solved (kinda but on long fights you still need some SP farming)

  18. Have Pardo at SS, no gear though, and I have AE at S 4/4. So AE it is then?

  19. Want to help, unfortunately I'm on the SEA Server, good luck with that though.

  20. As someone who lacks ANY good Phys Valks, I feel you on a spiritual level. Hate this boss SO MUCH.

  21. HoC really be dragging Elysia's name and body on the ground.

  22. If u just started a fresh account there should be a starter banner with HoS in it. Other than that there is no news on an upcoming HoS banner

  23. But she will be available to get in the 6.4-6.5 BP for 32 cyan orbs.

  24. You got both of the answers that answer your question (about Gluttony , and about Turg on her and Margrave on Pardo) , so this thread will be removed now , as it breaks our sub's rules. Please respect them next time, and only post simple questions like this in the stickied

  25. If you won't get the t part it will be better to use turgenev t,b and mei beach party m (if you have them), the t and b from shushangs set are the most important pieces. But to answer your question, use Irene adler t or gluttony (both from foundry, gluttony cheaper to craft, still both are worse than using turg+mei)

  26. I'm using those stigs on Pardo since I don't any of her gear yet. Should I just switch and give Pardo my Margrave set then?

  27. Because I play on a potato phone with shitty Internet.

  28. I loved seeing Pyrrha in her Cremation Jar costume..

  29. So for context, I got most of what I wanted in this BP, and now I want to use what I have left in this BP to get some added bonuses. And it looks like I can only get one more stig/weapon.

  30. Yup, better try to get her now while she's on sale(20% off?).

  31. Too bad I only just got to level 69 today and have 0 ancient legacy

  32. Well that sucks, but hey, you can always farm to get her in the future.

  33. Senti is going to be available in future BP so I suggest not using your crystals for her.

  34. I dont think so...but her stigma's going too be craftable soon.

  35. Hell yeah, you can even rank her up once you get the Free HoT on 6.2.

  36. Ana is DPS, Margrave is support. So two entirely different cases here.

  37. Darn it, is AE's weapon a good alt?, cause i dont want to use my xtals if i have a choice.

  38. I case you guys are confused on who im talking about, it's Sushang.

  39. take turgenev B, bronie anyway will gone with sushang release. Sushang banner will have 1 free multi roll, pray for her weapon, if you have AE weapon then use it on her. And turgenev T and B and mei beach for M

  40. Whats a good alternative for M stigma if i dont have her yet?

  41. "To the things we love, and the innocence of youth"...

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