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[Highlight] Bradberry called for holding

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  1. Off topic but I would want the alliance to have whatever technology that shot through a Reaper, killed it and then proceeded to gouge the upper crust of a planet a few light years away and keep going. Def not the most powerful but there's just something special about REALLY BIG GUNS.

  2. I see. I find the harder difficulties immersion breaking. Some random mercenary shouldn't survive 5 mako cannon shots and then a 200 metre fall lol

  3. I find hardcore's where it's at, I get one shot by snipers which is realistic, and my ar shots take people down as quickly as Id expect them to be, given hyper advanced shields, armor and barriers (magic armor)

  4. She was recording Shepards memories so she could bring them back in an alt Lazarus project for ME4.

  5. I've always kinda thought about this. Like shep got spaced and fell out of orbit at terminal velocity once and got revived, what's stopping his new and improved Cerberus body from getting revived again. Going even further, why couldn't he just indefinitely keep getting revived from just about everything as long as his brain is mildly intact. Like if they can fix a brain that got spaced, heated up to atleast 100c and then slammed into the ground at terminal velocity, they can definitely fix a little old age.

  6. No, on the contrary, all evidences indicate that the next game will somehow involve Shepard.

  7. Well yeah, liara just being there would make them have to involve him/her in some way given that liara is the supporting protagonist to Sheppard.

  8. Is glue really better than ninja in that situation, was his record pre glue nerf cause if so that would make sense.

  9. No you don't. Because little tommy will fall on ken. Ken with 3 kids who's spent 20 years doing everything right. Now Ken is dead because you let Tommy be a dumb fuck.

  10. No, Ken's dead because Timmy chose to be a dumb fuck. I'm sorry but I can't run to the boss every time I see some sketchy shit, if I did I'd just get fired for wasting time and being a general pain in the ass for everyone.

  11. If your boss gets mad at you because your following regulation or worried about safety they are a sack of shit.

  12. Yeah and sadly a lot of them are sacks of shit. Doesn't change the fact that I need to eat.

  13. Literally my friends were like checking in on guys this was a superbowl loss not the purge

  14. As a former manager I fucking hate people like that. As long as we weren't drowning, the last 15 minutes were for bullshitting and decompressing. My staff was hourly so I couldn't let them go early or I would have

  15. Wish some people realised that happy workers just get more shit done than miserable ones

  16. Well there 3 and Andromeda, so that should keep you busy for a while.

  17. The trilogy also has really good replayability too.

  18. It does, but there's nothing like the first experience.

  19. Wdym it's a different story every time (romances liara every time)

  20. Ah yeah, you're right -- he's probably actually a stand-up fellow and very friendly in person

  21. Love how this ain't just Reddit choosing a side in an argument. The majority just agrees y'all are a little fucked in the head.

  22. Tbh I always headcannoned asari to be an originally aquatic or amphibian species, so I thought that maybe they would have a third eyelid instead of eyelashes. Like reptiles and amphibians.

  23. Yeah I always assumed their skin was made up of small scales. So that checks out for me atleast.

  24. Not sure why OP got downvoted.. solitude is cool. Kid is young & can be fine staying up late. And ejaculating on acid whether via a fap or a girl is fookin awesome.

  25. Yeah I agree but most people aren't expecting to hear about how some teenager wants to nut on acid. Like cool, u do that. Just don't tell me.

  26. You were Liara‘s first partner, and she was very young when it started. She comes to the personal realisation that she preferred just being friends. Of course, she can’t just break up with Shepard, not when the weight of the war is on their shoulders. It would be like breaking up with someone before their medschool finals x1000. So instead she starts dropping hints: overusing the word ‘friends’, and giving Shepard numerous ‘outs’, saying she would understand, and they are both different people. But poor Liara, Shepard can’t take the hint.

  27. I was gonna say she peeled the armour off your mush corpse to make a shrine for you in her apartment 💀

  28. Honestly, it's still easier than with Ashley. If I remember right, Liara has some monologue "I really like you" and Shepard can softly refuse her.

  29. I agree, after watching the other version I think this one is a lot more heartwarming. I imagine it hits different if Liara was your girl through all 3 games though.

  30. Just finished my first playthrough after staying with liara the whole way through.

  31. Because people prefer comforting lies, over harsh truths.

  32. i just wanna come back and see a bunch of blue babies :(

  33. What if geniuses like those occur less often in Asari?

  34. It's actually mentioned by morbin on omega in me2 that humans are way more genetically diverse than the other race. He said something along the lines of " if you look at a krogan or salarian you can generally tell there is intelligence and aptitude, but with humans you never know something something that's why ur the control group"

  35. oqni says:

    Unfortunately, most deathmatches matches are kinda dead. The way I do it is to just go into free mode and start PVP jobs like stand your grounds. But it usually does take a while to find a lobby with other pvp players in it.

  36. If ur tryna PvP just join a couple barcode crews and lobby hop crew sessions to fight them. Technically "no crew killing" is usually a rule but no one actually cares especially if it's a PvP crew with a lot of randoms.

  37. Its a PVP game, sell in public and you're a target, it's that simple.


  39. If it's a push-in type connection to the outlet maybe they didn't have something small enough to push the release pins and couldn't get the old wires out. So they just taped up to them instead.

  40. U can just twist those out though? In all my time installing wagos and receptacles I've never really had to use a release button. Even if u can't, they always have termination screws on the sides anyway. Ffs even if they don't have those and only the push in type there's usually two sets of holes to terminate in.

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