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  1. Me and the chef were the only two gringos im the kitchen… I was “Judeo loco” crazy Jew (very fitting as I am a crazy Jew…)

  2. Cook some food… like a soup or stew or something that cooks for a long time…

  3. Wasn’t there some kind of block game called IQ or something like that?

  4. I mean the kitchen should be closed immediately… but what’s with chef writing “hehe” after every word…that shit is scary is fuck

  5. Kolarabi… julienne for salad or put in a lot of acid (vinegar/ lemon juice) and make a quick pickle out of it…

  6. Bredda, I’ve been here a looooong time and I still get the “strange looks” and “do you need a taxi?”. 🤣

  7. Same- that’s why I much prefer to smoke after I eat… everytime I eat right after I smoke it kills my high…

  8. There is also Norwich university (it’s a military college…)

  9. Was the rollercoaster still there in the early 80s?

  10. NYC- midtown -Italian restaurant- I and the chef are the only gringos… mostly Mexican (including sous) but also a few from other South American countries

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