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  1. No, just 3dof head tracking for devices without nebula

  2. I'm actually kinda saddened to hear that. I assume that implies there isnt going to be nebula on as many devices as possible. At least it will still be good for devices that don't offer type-C with DP alt though!

  3. huh? Shen's comics have lore ???? this is a revelation to me

  4. damn wtf?? you can make enough money with crypto to get comfy airplane seats??

  5. bro let me get a sticker to put on my shitbox car!!

  6. man I saw someone talk about the kuru toga once and I figured damn, looks like a decent pencil maybe it'll serve me alright.

  7. They did this last time. Here were my predictions for the previous one:


  9. idk how I missed it so well, I was really looking forward to it

  10. man I dont even wanna think about dreams rn I had a horrible dream last night and I keep getting reminded of it

  11. Anyone who comments on tankie subs and remotely disagrees is immediately banned

  12. i think the main problem is that subs that don't even appear to be tankie subs have this going on

  13. yo which eldritch god do i have to sacrifice a liter of blood to to get this good at the game?

  14. damn the demo was so good when I played it a year ago, hopefully some day I'll be able to play with more space lol

  15. meh. the way I see it, a threat to liberty anywhere is a threat to liberty everywhere. Russia needs to be thoroughly fucked over to ensure they dont try to fuck even more nations over. Or something like that (not a global politics expert)

  16. I totally understand, I think this situation is a little different though. I'm honestly not really solidly set on this issue but I find it easy to say "damn it sucks that Ukraine is being invaded by Russia, I hope they get their shit back"

  17. kidnapping victims hate this ONE, SIMPLE, TRICK! *cuts handle off*

  18. Oh noooo, I'm trading goods and/or services for currencies, somebody stop me for this heinous crime against humanity

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