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  1. Worse, 349 Pepsi bottle caps.

  2. That was proposal to be a show, 'Tales from Springfield', 22 Short Films about Springfield was a sort of backdoor pilot for it.

  3. The title is a bit too simplified for my liking, there were a lot of complex political and military reasons behind Scott leaving, not just attacks from the media. Feel free to just read the bold sections,

  4. The Carrot/Vimes contrast was always the most important thing in displaying what it means to be 'Good' in Terry's novels. They're both obviously heroic characters but they approach goodness from opposite directions.

  5. And then you have Vetinari on the other end, he's sort of a good bad guy, or a bad good guy, always practical and convenient to a scary degree.

  6. I only learned of Australian football and this technique ten minutes ago because of Conan,

  7. I never noticed the lines over Homer's eyes before, they really ad to the suffering.

  8. I don't know why, but that Panda stands out the most

  9. What do maps from other cartographers (e.g. Indian, European,...) of that time look like`? The comparison would be interesting.

  10. James Cook's maps of Newfoundland from 1968 were good enough to be used into the 1960s, atwhich point satellite images became avaliable.

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