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Buying Bitcoin every month for the past 5 years

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  1. I remember seeing a comment from you many months ago. You said your friend had sold his btc and was trying to increase his stack. At the time, I don't think you expected it to go lower and kind of slammed him for thinking that.Do you know if your friend has bought back in yet?

  2. I don't know all his trades. Might have bought some with a higher price but seems to have worked for him as I know he also recently bought with these lower prices. Yeah, I'm the worst trader, always too bullish, which is also why I don't trade ;) But even if it worked for him now, he might think he can do it going forward and it only takes one really bad trade to lose all the profits he might have got from successful trades.

  3. This is a good idea but it is risky as fuck, I congratulate you on the size of your balls OP

  4. Cheers! But the balls are also average sized, well trained though.

  5. What exactly makes you think it's going well, given how the price has been moving?

  6. For example, compared to S&P strategy. Solid gains so far and solid future prospect.

  7. Nice salary to afford that much per month.

  8. Yeah I guess but it's average here in Finland and I'm being pretty damn frugal to do it. And, you can get the same 'effect' with less if you live in a cheaper country. Do what you can! There are people stacking with 10k per month. I can never do it, so what?

  9. The whole problem is the government doesn’t owe you a retirement. If you want government to owe you things you should not believe in Bitcoin. Your government should protect you from certain things and leave you alone after that if you ask me. I don’t know where you live but I would like my government to leave me to my own devices, protect me from villains, keep my taxes low and this, my opportunities high. Because they don’t do that is why we need Bitcoin.

  10. I agree. But my government is taking money by force to try to give me retirement in the future. If I could say no thanks and make zero contribution to my government pension, i would in a heartbeat.

  11. I can see the price of Bitcoin and then some kind of trend line. I can also tell the amount of Bitcoin you have in euros.

  12. You can see that in the 3rd figure on my blogpost!

  13. It’s interesting but haven’t you posted this multiple times already? Or was it someone stealing it

  14. I post only once per month (no spamming) but in both

  15. Performance reports like this one depend on when one first bought in. Had the OP started 2 years ago, things would be very different.

  16. It was also very different to me 2 years ago. No matter when you start, gotta put in the work 💪

  17. I don't disagree. I thought it was odd that the OP is pro BTC but also talking about MMM.

  18. I just mentioned him since i was interested in the traditional early retirement stuff before bitcoin. Mmm is definitely a nocoiner noob ;D

  19. So how much have you lost? Probably everything you have gained the past 3 years is now gone...quite literally, you probably taking out another loan to buy more Bitcoin because you've been at a loss the past 4 months.

  20. I have been at a loss many times if you compare the black dotted line with the green line. Right now im not at a loss. Its a long term plan anyway.

  21. What you should have done is cash out when you had 200k for the second time, put 170k into an index fund, waited for the next bear market and invest the original 30k again into BTC. High risk assets are useless for retirement plans if you don't take your profits in time.

  22. Somebody who had 200 bitcoin in 2017 probably was given the same advice when bitcoin hit 2k the second time.

  23. Its already happening today. Its the opposite of central bank money creation.

  24. They banned limewire, napster etc. but did they ban bittorrent?

  25. Hell no! Thats just a comparison of what I might have done if there was no bitcoin.

  26. Thats a relevant question for somebody who only bought once with a lump sum in december 2017 ath

  27. Cheers! Yeah, I thought I could have a comment section on my blog but it quickly became 99.9% bots and 0.1% human. In the end i took the comments away =\

  28. Yes! But you need to be able to hold for 5 years

  29. Brew please don't compare S&P500 investing to bitcoin... bitcoin can go to 0 and you lose everything. S&p500 is a diversified portfolio. 1 stock goes to nothing it doesn't impact you.

  30. Id say bitcoin is less risky than s&p to be honest. There are a lot of people thinking their 4% ’safe’ withdrawal rate is gonna give them retirement. Their position is far more risky than someone with a 100% bitcoin allocation.

  31. Initially I thought of the bitcoin stack like a 'FIRE' guy thinks of his S&P stack. So, basically I would use a '4% rule' and sell a bit every year, hoping for Bitcoin to increase more than 4% every year (seems like a safe bet). But it feels wrong to just drain the stack, even if it would last for 100+ years.

  32. God dayum OP has got some pill dealers in his comment section. Funny shit.

  33. Tell me about it ;D needed to shut down the comment section

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