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Video game items illustrated by me

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  1. Hi Kate! I had a look through your website/portfolio and love your work, really creative stuff. I'm an illustrator and 1 of 3 at our indie studio called Lunch Ghost we're starting, looking for people to collab with on small projects and play around with game ideas!

  2. This must be the tenth time I’ve seen this posted in the last year. Either you’re the op and you keep reposting for more karma, or you’re someone ripping off op for karma. Either way it’s gross.

  3. I've only posted this twice, 2 years apart. But lots of others have reposted my art, usually without credit.

  4. I worked on a cute bee game and it was so much fun :) good luck

  5. I'm programmer who is currently looking for job. I can work with you if you are ok with it. If you want my resume or projects that I've worked on, let me know!

  6. Yeah any links or examples of projects you have been part of would be great. Thanks!

  7. Love the art and character design, was this by any chance inspired by Adventure Time?

  8. They all look interesting and fun!!!! Love the lil pumpkin dude/gal

  9. Beautiful art-style. When do you plan to release the game?

  10. No release date planned just yet, we’re still in early stages of development.

  11. Oh my God, it looks so sweet! Please keep that cute style. I just have an objection regarding the blur you used for the background landscape. Is it like that in the whole game? It feels too intense.

  12. Depending on the level and how far the background is, will depend on the amount of blur. We’ve made it that way so it doesn’t draw the eye when playing the game.

  13. Absolutely love the art style 10/10! The foreground and background give the scene so much depth!

  14. Thank you! It's something that took a while to get my head around, but I'm happy with the results so far.

  15. Hi there I like the art style, it’s very catchy, but I think it would benefit from some additional work on composition:

  16. This is perfect feedback mate! Thanks. I think to help the text be more readable and have the eye drawn to the important UI parts, I might try a version that has a box pop up or maybe fade/darken the background - so the focus is on the text.

  17. I love the art direction holy cow — reminds me of something on Cartoon Network in the best way

  18. Thank you! That’s the exact art style we’re going for! A Cartoon Network show!

  19. You could have him throw the goblins. And the goblins could have a downward attack that hits you if they fall on you. You could also make some of the barrels explode into other smaller barrels that get launched all around and could hit the player. The art design looks really nice, btw! Keep up the good work!

  20. Big fat gobbo. Make him eat while is minion attack you, healing and buffing his damage. He could also throw is treasure at you, making the fight more rewarding but harder the longer it get. Maybe he could get sick from eating so much too?

  21. Ooooo yeah that’s a great shout. Love the idea of him being sick on the ground from eating too much, and the player gets damaged from stepping in it? Haha

  22. Looks great and fitting into the game's atmosphere well

  23. Looks nice! One small thing, though: why doesn't the orange foliage have a black border like everything else? It feels weird

  24. Thanks pal! That was a stylistic choice, not having a black stroke (or having a lighter one) around some of the lighter coloured art. We do the same on some of our snow levels.

  25. I will name him toadwarth the great. Or mr.toad....

  26. If the toad is destroyed, is the jar rendered mundane? What if the jar is destroyed?

  27. Yeah, if the toad is destroyed then you just have an extra glass jar to hand. If the jar is destroyed then you’ve got a giant toad following you around if you choose to instruct it. The glass jar is really just an easier way to travel with your toad.

  28. I introduced this into my game and my players are IN LOVE with this! they ran into a rut where they had gold but nothing worth spending it on and now they all have 3 or 4 items that they are motivated to one day purchase. I would highley reccomend this to any DM!

  29. ahhh this is soo great to hear, thanks for giving the shop a try and supporting our work! As a thank you, we'd love to add some player character 'testimonies' to the site - like we have on our home page.

  30. I REALLY LIKE THIS ITEM. My only concern is how the blade instantly slays demons. Permanently. This would imply that you could kill them in any plane of existence, and if that is your intention I believe that would make a weapon like this at least legendary. Not even angels themselves can permanently kill a demon without being in its home plane.

  31. Thanks bud, that's a really good point. The sword doesn't instantly kill the demon, you'd still need to bring it's health down to 0 if that's what you meant? But yeah the idea was that it could be resurrected once slain. We've had a few people say it should be legendary :)

  32. What if I dropped it from a tower and it fell and broke?

  33. Make a item like from the Portable window from the robe of useful items for a short time its like a drive thro window for when a placed order is finished one sending message away for those who are stuck in the woods or mountains with no doors bame place that window down and heres your order of course make it not permanent and have it fade after a set time and make it limited to only inorganic items and mostly items can pass throw the window witch would be connected to the Imporium.

  34. haha that's a great idea! Love the concept of a fantasy drive-thru window. I can imagine it would lead to great scenes for the DM to create - about to face off against a red dragon in its lair and next to you, within a rock, out leans the shop keeper from a magical window - "here's that potion of fire resistance you ordered! Ok bye".

  35. Lovely work. Great detail, and I also like the sky in the background.

  36. What happens when you queue for a dungeon??

  37. We queue for a long time... Mostly go around doing delves and world bosses when everyone is online, then dungeons when only 4 of us are on.

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