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  1. Sableye is the best swap in the game bar none. No matter what you will be investing shields to win against Sableye even if you are a charmer since it can still get to a return before you can charm it down. The fact charm A9 swapped in on a swapped Sableye has to shield a return before it kills the Sableye is absurd. In most neutral matches Sableye just flat wins and against all but the hardest of counters it can simply two shield to win swap every time allowing the opponent to get proper alignment.

  2. As a guy who runs Charm A9 and has to shield a return from a swapped Sableye— preach.

  3. How do you deal with talonflame with that team? Rock slide Gfisk?

  4. It’s not easy by any means. If Talonflame is in the lead, Trev can get a shadow ball off before Talonflame’s first charged move, which almost always gets shielded. Then I usually swap to ATails, as ‘Flame is so squishy that charm can do some work on it before ‘Tails gets killed.

  5. Makes sense, was just curious. Hit veteran yesterday with gfisk, Trev, and Azu (non-XL) and talon can be very annoying already - and have thought about swapping Azu for Atails but the lack of fire counter is worrying

  6. I tried Trev/Gfisk/Azu felt like people were predicting my lineup too easily. The coverage is better tho

  7. Alright, I know this isn't really the premise of this post - but I just want to say somewhere that I think the heroes just really don't get Aaron Rodgers. Obviously he rubs them the wrong way, but the fact that he does makes them miss one of the more interesting athlete stories in the NFL right now. It's like how everyone gushes over Andrew Luck and how he has this weird intellectual side to him. That's how Rodgers is now, but he doesn't get the credit for it because he's seen as being villainous for some reason.

  8. The fact that he’s a pseudoscience peddling antivaxxer whose head is so far up his own ass even one of his colon cleanses can’t dislodge it is what kind of bums me out. To be frank.

  9. I’ve been running Aboma, Gallade and Gastro. So many teams are double weak to Gallade and Gastro

  10. I’ve been running this same team, but with Gallade lead. Made it from 2100-2490 but am now stuck between 2300-2450. Why do you prefer Aboma lead?

  11. Overall it seems pretty volatile. Very RPS like many/most limited formats. Bastiodon is far from a must though. And although at least half the teams I faced today were Empoleon leads, there are many viable counters that aren’t Lucario— see Toxicroak, Drifblim, Gastrodon, etc.

  12. this whole season has a trade bonus for XL candy. you're waiting for a bonus that already exists

  13. Oh. Uh, cool. Coolcoolcool. I guess I’ll do that then! facepalm


  15. Why is the Citywide Special PBR, as opposed to Yuengling?

  16. I was asking about the origins of the special, not how it’s done today. I realize that these days lots of bars and breweries have chosen to switch up which beer is included in “the special”, whether that’s a local Philly brew or otherwise.

  17. Isn’t it bad luck to get your partner’s name tattooed? Like, even just once?

  18. Oh you can? Coolcoolcool… can you, umm…not?

  19. Swampert HC/EQ looks pretty good on PVPoke team builder.

  20. I had always played with 2min until I switched to extreme. After too many games that seemed like the win was out of my control/too dependent on precise clock mgmt and luck on defense, I switched to 3min quarters.

  21. Shadow Magnemite; magnet bomb catches people out badly; loads of fun

  22. Dude, magnet bomb hits like a truck, even for neutral damage. Tempted to build a magneton for that reason alone.

  23. My total GL wins is higher than my ELO. Like, way higher.

  24. Massively worse lately. I’ve stopped playing for now. Why bother when bugs turn wins into losses, and lag turns losses into wins? It’s not a game at that point, it’s just luck.

  25. I reported the same thing yesterday. Got reimbursed 100coins for my trouble. Up to you if that’s worth it to you.

  26. I was pretty confused how you put up such huge receiving number until I noticed you don’t have a RB. Still pretty impressive, and your Def. is clearly doing a great job getting the ball back to your offense.

  27. Hip Hop was as lame to adults as he was terrifying to children. Good riddance.

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