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  1. There are some on YouTube recorded by fans in the audience. It’s not the greatest audio ever but some of them are pretty good.

  2. What artists do you listen?? I would like to know more modern jazz musicians

  3. I’ve been listening to Ryan Devlin, Andrew Gould, and Steven Fiefke.

  4. This “store” sells “hats”

  5. Fifths are commonly omitted in jazz (perfect fifths, anyway) to make room for 9tha, 11ths, 13ths, etc.

  6. Not just jazz. Classical music too.

  7. My music theory book calls this a slide transformation. Going from one chord to another that share the same third (and seventh in this case).

  8. “What About Me?” by Snarky Puppy

  9. They are all still dominant to tonic resolutions, but as you mentioned some are smoother than others. Also the bass note often gives a different feeling. For example the V chord in first inversion has a different feeling than root position but they can both be smooth.

  10. Chinese name is one of my favorites

  11. Can you link the video, so we can have more context?

  12. Bria Skonberg has a great modern voice in my opinion, but I don’t think she has standards album.

  13. I’d probably go with piano because of how visual it is.

  14. I don’t think I’ve seen that exact rhythm before, but it sounds to me like it would fit nicely into a measure of 3/4.

  15. I assume that lead sheets are okay, but maybe they just say scores to encourage more detailed compositions as well.

  16. An augmented triad is made of only major thirds.

  17. Which ever one you would like. If it’s your song you pick.

  18. Is this a question or a statement?

  19. Part of it is probably practicing scales and solfège, but I’m a clarinetist so my knowledge is very limited.

  20. Instead of b1 it's probably better to think of it as 7. It's a major 7th chord with no 3rd.

  21. Maybe listen to some groups. It’ll be more clear because the horns will stop playing in unison. Also maybe find some lead sheets so you can read the melody.

  22. Start with really simple melodies. Listen to it until you can sing it from memory, then try to figure out one note at a time on your instrument.

  23. Man where I'm from the instruments are really expansive. A toy instrument works for this?

  24. Actually yes! As long as you can play notes on it, it should work.

  25. I don’t know of any arrangements specifically for a two horn combo. Usually when I see groups that small they just play the head and then improvise.

  26. “As far as blimpies is concerned, I AM GOD”

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