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  1. There was no resolution, no ending. It felt like the writers had a good idea and couldn’t finish it. What was the point of it all?

  2. The ending was him killing the crabs by burning the boat. In my opinion the point was a commentary on how people would sacrifice others to save their own skin.

  3. I saw the ending? My point is it has no meaning. You’re telling me he killed everyone on the boat so that he could kill the crab? It makes no sense.

  4. The way I see it is he killed the others on the boat because they chose to bring the crab to the inhabited island where it would kill innocent people.

  5. The closest thing I can think of is IV42. Third inversion 7th chord.

  6. Is there an album called “melodies with Melody” because there should be.

  7. Could you record yourself playing it? We don’t know what rhythms or what octave these notes should be in.

  8. If I saw the sheet music I think I could help with the augmented chords.

  9. Ornette Coldman when Ornette hotwoman walks in

  10. I thought he stocked the cola pretty well

  11. No. You need to be proficient in all types of meth to be a real jazz cat.

  12. Big fan of his group work not so much into his solo stuff

  13. Why is sonnie’s human form not higher?

  14. Usually it’s good to put the wide intervals on the bottom and the closer intervals higher. Beware of where your half steps are as well.

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