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  1. Right now there's waiting list. All allocations are fullfilled until mid 2024 when V10 huracans were supposed to stop production but as the huracan successor will be most likely delayed, they will continue V10's production for a bit longer giving opportunity to som of these customers in waiting list to get an allocation

  2. The car is or at least was today in the official Lamborghini Barcelona workshop :)

  3. Nope, reventon is Murci based and sesto elemento is based in the Gallardo

  4. I would try contacting a dealership if Google searches aren't yielding the proper results.

  5. The only document we have in the dealers with all the prices of each option is only intended for internal use so no dealer should provide anyone with it. Of course when doing an spec, a document with the price of each selected option can be printed.

  6. Honestly I have the feeling that it might be slightly slowing down already, but it's just a personal feeling after looking everyday the used Lambo market in europe, I see many cars that are overpriced, advertised for several months, so I guess not so many people is willing to play the over-sticker price game, specialliy with used cars with some miles on them already. But as I say it's just a feeling and I mght be wrong

  7. Ahh I see, thank you. But I’m guessing that if a person has a lot of money and can pay well over MSRP, he can still get an allocation to customize his own car. I don’t know much about buying super cars but I think some cars even if you have lots of money to pay over MSRP you simply can’t get them because of shortages

  8. Right now, unless someone is willing to sell their allocation, there's no way to get one and spec it as factory isn't taking new orders. Doesn't matter how much are you willing to pay over msrp.

  9. It's optional, at least for European market. It usually appears at the top of the last section of the configurator, where you have other options like carplay, smokers pack, etc.

  10. As a Lambo sales exec I can tell you that most of our customers pay cash. Only a few finance them and it's mostly due tax reasons or if they're gonna be rentals. Most people don't want to finance toys and usually they have the liquidity to do so. I'm also in a very different market(south of Europe) so might be very different to US

  11. I would say it's viola pasifae. Viola mithras has more blue and pink reflections whilst pasifae is more "plain" purple, less dynamic

  12. Not sure if you are still responding on this thread. It came up when I was looking for something else. I have a 2021 e-tron sportback and looking to downgrade. I’m interested in the Q4 e-tron prestige sportback, what is the deal with this vehicle, why can’t I find it anywhere? It seemingly took forever to come out, I assume COVID, but now that it’s out, (supposedly), why can’t I find it. I test drove the base model. I prefer the best the bells and whistles of the prestige and in Navarro blue. Is the car wildly popular that it’s being sold as soon as it hits the dealers lot? Thanks for any details you can provide.

  13. Hi there! Sorry but I'm not working at Audi since june, so can't really help you with the Q4 situation right now. I just know that my former colleagues are having troubles with the lead times on all Q4 and hibrid cars.

  14. Thank you my friend you definitely helped with helping us have the courage to ask for some compensation. Dealer was very helpful and understood on both sides it wasn’t there fault but Audi Canada finance and they did whatever they could as a dealer to keep us happy.

  15. Glad it helped! I can't belive how much interaction I got with this post actually and I'm always happy to help as far as I can :)

  16. Beautiful Spec mate!! The Kemora Grey is a very cool color!

  17. 29th of march is supposed to be the reveal date. Prior to that, december, january and march, some high level customers will have the chance to see it in a private preview

  18. I’d like it a lot more if it wasn’t a render

  19. I still have some customers to decide their final spec, maybe I can convince one of them to go Harlequin 😂

  20. I think they missed the mark a bit on the interior, but I always appreciate a little levity in the supercar world.

  21. With the interior I was just trying to see how far could I go with the customization. Honestly if I owned one, i might wrap it like this for some time just for the laughs. Sadly, selling Lambos doesn't pay enough to buy one 😂

  22. I once saw a Seat Leon Xperience(it's a similar concept to the allroads, but from VW group's spanish brand Seat) with a gallardo brake kit. That was weird to say the least I must say 😂 Funny thing i've worked as a salesman for the 3 brands(Seat, later Audi and now Lamborghini)

  23. It's crazy because we had in stock an RS4 in that spec(sonoma green with also interior stitching in green) in the Audi dealer that I used to work and It's been a year since the car arrived to the dealer but it still didn't sell (I don't work there anymore but I'm still very closeto them and I see the car everyday) (It's in Spain sorry guys if someone was thinking to PM me to locate the car 😂)

  24. I think he said the other driver didn't have insurance, that's why his owm insurance will cover all costs(and maybe later will try to sue the other driver for the damages or for not being insured). It works pretty much the same way here in spain

  25. Love the exterior, with this M package looks a bit like a baby M5 comp. But i much prefer the interior of the pre-lci, not a big fan of the "iPad" style cockpits and not having physical climate control buttons...

  26. Last year I did 79, this year I think I'm only going to do about 50 though.

  27. How the hell you get to average more than 1 trackday a week?😂😂 is it part of your job?

  28. I’ve got a 2018 R6. Just love the middle weight too much … I agree that’s usually what you would see from foreigners in Spain, last time I was in Valencia I had 3 V4R in my box … When you see someone from Belgium, UK, NL, Germany, Lux riding in Valencia and south from there they usually ride for 2/3 days. So with accommodation, plane, bike transport or car ride with trailer you are talking about 1500 to 2000e … so you tend to only meet really upper class people in their 40s, 50s enjoying their time with the latest bikes. Not really representative of what’s the reality on their home track.

  29. Yeah i've seen this kind of packages with RacingSchoolEurope with Troy Corser for example. That's a whole other level. There was an organizer who used to have a lot of french riders and usually they were 50-60 year old guys as you said, hard to follow them if I'm being honest 🤣

  30. Very nice guide! My gf is polish so everytime we go back to Poland and have a family gathering there's vodka involved, wyborowa is quite usually the choice. Also during my erasmus there I drank plenty of sobieski and żubrowka(both normal and bizon grass) and everytime i go i bring some bottle back to Spain, specially Chopin as it's difficult to find here.

  31. Also- I get hugeeee discounts lol. Got $15000 off MSRP on my new M340 and will end up getting about 9k off my G80

  32. I sell Audi and our employee discounts are trash, not worth even thinking about buying a car. Oh and S/RS aren't included in employee deals. Feels weird to be a bimmer guy who has to sell Audi, sometimes when a customer is comparing with BMW i struggle to defend the product i have to sell😂😂😂 Hopefully if i stay in car bussiness my experience at audi will help me get a position in BMW or Porsche 😂😂

  33. The one with the foreign plates just came in from the port and went to the shop to be restored, hence I have not registered it is yet

  34. Just to confirm, these plates look like spanish Girona province plates, amb I correct? Is it difficult to import cars from EU to US?

  35. Which costs well above 80k lol. M8 was used in place of mate sorry for confusing.

  36. True aswell. Writing M8 as mate while talking about M cars can be confusing to non-native speakers like me but now everything makes sense 😂😂

  37. Apologies friend. Your English is good 👍

  38. I did a similar move and really ended up missing my truck. Now I own a truck and a bmw lol

  39. E89 Z4 + Toyota Hilux(Europe things...) must say none of them ara actually owned by me but still are both in my garage and I get to use them whenever I need them 😂

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