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  1. You say that like it was the only incident.

  2. They vat grow a throat to make an “eugh” sound for them

  3. The imperium has a hardcore martyr fetish, they absolutely love the fact that the emperor is a living relic (as in the Catholic sort)

  4. A book and a pen, sometimes them little sticky notes

  5. Characters die, there ain’t much of an issue here

  6. Theoretical: plague zombies of all stripes are never willing. Even if faith can resist in life (it’s not so much faith as being too fanatically insane to feel despair), a corpse don’t got overmuch faith, and they’re called plague zombies for a reason.

  7. Nice to see plaguebearers looking like how they oughta, pot-bellied but emaciated. Was getting damned sick of seeing them weirdly buff

  8. It's done because the imperium needs navigators and the emperor likes psychers.

  9. I was expecting bad, but holy shit not that bad

  10. Lantern’s light, Verdict of the Scythe, Pale king, Buried Dagger

  11. Anyone know if the Mortarion Primarch book is good?

  12. It’s decent: a little weird in places but overall decent

  13. Same with Sigvald in AoS. You'd think quadrupling in size with giant horns would indicate ascension, but apparently he hasn't ascended. Slaanesh just resurrected him and made him a really big lad.

  14. Getting massive and growing horns is like… the most staple effects of chaos on mortals

  15. The rise of Vect to lead the Dark City, but it's 100% dance battles.

  16. That day, the dark eldar were hit by a smooth criminal

  17. The Adeptas Mechanicus holds a contest to name their newest Titan. They cancel this and all future naming contests forever after getting such entries as:

  18. Titanus Dominus: it almost went through until some tech thralls heard and (after 12 minutes of laughing) informed the priesthood of the implication

  19. See, the fact that they're just "better" then all the other legions has always been a huge turn off for me which is a shame because I love their general aesthetic and vibe

  20. I know right, same goes (to a greater or lesser extent depending on the weather) with blood angels for me.

  21. Don’t forget Death Guard were the chemical weapons “fuck your ecosystem” legion, except the Dark Angels did it better

  22. I had to zoom in on the text of the right arm to double check it wasn’t a neo-Nazi patch, looks for all the world like one

  23. They're still photoshopping the rest of it :)

  24. Bait for the bait god, fake-leaks for the fake-leak throne

  25. I never got confirmation that song was a Saxon tribute, but no way in hell it ain’t a Saxon tribute

  26. You’d think that sub hates the game from their content

  27. Knowing fatshark they might neglect to fix pc version to work on delivering console version again(like with VT2).

  28. Nah, see they then went on to neglect console updates.

  29. Wouldn’t call 1 week delays neglect but Righto then, you’re clearly adamant fatshark are the devil, can’t be helped when it’s been a few weeks since the last free content drop

  30. Tuska is an irrelevant sideshow, he don’t know shit about what’s kicking outside of his immediate vicinity (they don’t have great reception in the warp it turns out)

  31. You could play a half finished version now that slowly gets patched up until it reaches completion, or you could get nothing and then the completed products at the same time

  32. Trust me this is for the best. We are the real beta testers. This game is far from ready to be launched. Sit tight and be patient because I guarantee that Microsoft would not allow this game to be released on console with it's current state.

  33. Oh shut up. You’re still playing it, for all your whinging, so don’t take the condescending “actually you don’t want to play it”

  34. Honestly it’s high time I learned to play epic

  35. Classic Mort just hits different: dead ass prefer to to his current model, way too bulky and the pose just don’t work at all for him

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