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  1. Lebron is not trying on defense he’s given up on this team

  2. His defense has been mediocre all season. It is a continuation of the defense he played against the Suns last year in the playoffs.

  3. I hate this team but it is impossible to stop watching idk why I think its cuz of LeGoat making it a little fun

  4. A "GOAT" would be playing better defense. Kobe and Jordan used to play their asses off both sides of the game.

  5. Pathetic. Lack of effort and no heart. The defense from the entire team was horrid.

  6. The team is mediocre. The blame goes from the top up to Lebron for trying to play GM and bring Westbrook.

  7. A serious problem in this sub right now. Astroturfing right wing talking points disguised and left wing grievances just to spread voter apathy.

  8. A serious problem is how far left this sub has gone. Most of the electorate is moderate and want moderate liberal or moderate conservative policies.

  9. This is for AZ to decide, right? Do you know if she would lose? I see Reddit mad but I’m not sure she is actually going to lose her seat.

  10. Nobody knows. Many people on this sub are out of touch with reality and think progressive politicians and policies are really popular.

  11. The entire premise of this article is that Trump appeal and thus his base has shrunk. But in fact, the reverse happened (despite media claims), especially among women and minorities. And there is no better advertisment for Trump 2024 than a year of Biden's presidency.

  12. True but Biden still has quite some time to go and much can change between now and 2024.

  13. When it comes to China, he made a huge blunder when he tried bringing in ZTE to the US. Both parties were surprised by it and quickly stopped it.

  14. My family, my family helped build that state. I grew up elsewhere that's very similar. Im telling you, the pressure needs to come from within. Not without....

  15. Nah, the people on this sub know what is best for everybody. If West Virginians listened to the ideas from the people on

  16. Your snark would work.better if they weren't one of, if not the most undereducated and impoverished states in the country... for decades.

  17. Ah so once they become better educated, they will see the progressive light. Strange how better educated states still don't pass the majority of progressive policies.

  18. The EU has no balls and will quietly back off like they always do.

  19. So according to reddit, because the US has done bad things in the past to Muslim countries via wars, the US should not be criticizing China for any human rights violations. I'd like to extend that to Europe for all the atrocities they committed in the past.

  20. I’m Lebanese and we have a large atheist community and numerous support groups. We’re super friendly and open minded towards atheists, LGBT, and other minorities.

  21. Why apologize? Nobody cares what non-religion or religion you are. The large majority of people in the world don't care either and are too busy living their lives.

  22. That is a pretty bad poll. Lots of polls these days are made to look a specific group of people look bad.

  23. Hey, quick poll here. Do you think Jan 6th was the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of the world and directly threatens our very existence? Or do you think it was the bestest thing ever and Trump is the second coming of Jesus? Those are your only two choices btw.

  24. There are so many scientists, researchers, professors of Chinese descent - if the USA starts to harass them simply due to them being Chinese, not only is it morally wrong, but it'll severely weaken a lot of key R&D / industries for the USA as well

  25. Nobody is pushing away Chinese Americans. The US is looking for people who have close ties to the Chinese government.

  26. Why hide the ties to China? China has been stealing a whole lot of research and tech from the US. Happens all the time. The US should be paranoid about people who hide their ties to China. Likewise with people who hide their ties to Russia. China and Russia are extremely aggressive when it comes to stealing tech.

  27. I’m hopeful the infighting will take a toll. Some former rump admin officials that have spoken out against him are supposed to announce something “soon”, doubt it’s a new party but, vague comments allude to some alternative for R’s or “true” conservatives that aren’t maga.

  28. I hope that Trump gets pissed off at establishment Republicans for not being sufficiently loyal, and makes the destruction of the GQP his sole purpose in life.

  29. Trump is not even close to being Libertarian or Green. I don't even know what party he falls under.

  30. Yep. It’s done now. I told my husband tonight that this is what I’ve been freaking out about for the past 5 yrs. I’m exhausted from sending money, calling my reps and senators, writing postcards, doing phone banks, reading this bad news, etc. I hate to be a doomer, but to me this feels like the nail in the coffin. How can we overcome this? And it seems like so many Americans are either asleep at the wheel, don’t care, brainwashed, or just unbelievably uneducated. No one cares, no one cares.

  31. No need to overreact. Life will continue on. Go through the posts in this sub since it first came up and people are always predicting doom.

  32. Do Republicans understand something like that can always backfire on them.

  33. I’ve yet to treat a Democrat for severe complications from Covid

  34. Wow so you must know the political leanings of every patient. Is this some kind of imaginary medical facility?

  35. Quite a few people here with "I have a Phd in (insert some random medical science)" or people claiming to be experts. I find this place hilarious. Amazing that we have so many intelligent people here. Heck everyone knows it all on this sub.

  36. It is very edgy here. To this sub, Bernie and AOC are moderates while conservatives and liberals are solidly rightwing.

  37. It's not exactly a high bar, but I think I actually have more respect for Gabbard than I do for Sinema. Not to imply that I respect either of them, but I guess if I had to choose I'd rather have Gabbard.

  38. So because a person like Tulsi has a different viewpoint, you do not respect them. It is no wonder progressives are disliked by the majority of the US.

  39. The government is great at taking taxpayer money and funneling it to their buddies. There is some good in government spending but there is way too much waste. The spending that has happened is not sustainable.

  40. Basically, it removes all power regarding elections from the state legislatures. The federal government would draw districts, decide who can vote, decide where polling stations are located, etc.

  41. Yipes. I rather trust the states to it. So much power to the federal government would lead to some abuse. Can't trust either party.

  42. Just catching this after a news-filled day. Seems the house Dems attached voter rights legislation to an already considered, 3 page bill related to NASA funding as a tactic to force a vote in the Senate.

  43. Stupid to attach it to NASA funding. We are in another "space race" with China and the dummies in the House are messing around with NASA funding.

  44. As a famous republican once said about eliminating the filibuster:

  45. No, eliminating the filibuster would give legislative power to whichever party has a majority in the Senate and Congress and has the White House. You’re forgetting that the Senate doesn’t have solitary control over legislation—we have a system of checks and balances.

  46. Unpopular policies today might be popular tomorrow. People change their minds easily.

  47. Last time Russia and Poland fought without outside influence, Poland kicked ass.

  48. Someone still needs to explain to me how Russia can economically afford to launch a war.

  49. A war can also be good for an economy. There are many factors involved in it.

  50. Not bad but it looks like a biased chart. Mother Jones and Vox are pretty far left and really biased. Same with TheGuardian which also solidly leftwing and biased.

  51. Good. It is one thing to have vaccine mandates for government jobs but totally another putting mandates on the private sector. That is government overreach.

  52. Kelly, Tester, Coons, Shaheen are not for eliminating it as well but instead would rather see it reformed. These 6 are plenty enough for other Democrats to stay silent about it. If not for these 6, you might have other Democrats oppose it. Politics is a big game.

  53. This lady and manchin are seriously the biggest pieces of shit ever

  54. Blame them all you want but if not them, other Democrats in the Senate now would take their place.

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