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  1. Is this a replacement for SCT? Or are there going to be 3 tournaments?

  2. You should see the Fleming pilot (which show posted a few years ago; not sure if it is still online). Some of the "questions" they required were extremely convoluted in order to fit the format. It is said that continued throughout the Fleming era, although maybe not to the same extent.

  3. It is written that Merv quickly realized how boring and unfair it was to insist on questions that precisely fit the answers, so it evolved into "any question with the correct information will do".

  4. How about if in the studio, once a contestant selects a clue, the categories disappear off the board and don't reappear until it's time for the next selection? Because that's similar to how it works for the home viewers now.

  5. But they don't disappear for home viewers. We frequently see the entire board where we see categories and remaining clues. We can see, for example, that there are three clues left in Art and Artists and just one in Word Origins. There are several opportunities to see the category headings throughout the game.

  6. They disappear during the reading of the clues and the contestant's responses. And when they are jumping around the board, just speaking for myself, I frequently lose track of which category is connected to each clue.

  7. Lisa, having just left her firm, is "having a bit of a mid-life crisis."

  8. Is there a name for having that crisis at age 25, as I did?

  9. I should be mad at you as I'm seeing the big Double Five rear its ugly head, but i did hit a moment of despair before i hit 25 (like "OMG I'm a QUARTER OF A CENTURY OLD THE END IS NEAR!!") but it didn't last long.

  10. Oh, the 25-year-old crisis was a long, LONG time ago.

  11. After Jeopardy! Masters, there will only be around two months left in the season, so they probably won't come back with another major event until the fall.

  12. I was a little surprised that "Christmas Vacation" was accepted instead of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." I've never heard the movie called just "Christmas Vacation."

  13. But they couldn't accept "Vacation" for "National Lampoon's Vacation" because there's another movie just called "Vacation".

  14. Would Mara have been better betting it all? She would have gotten second had she done so, and I'm not sure there would have been a betting scenario where everyone would have been under $200.

  15. For sure, all-in was Mara's best play.

  16. DD1 was so much earlier in the game, though, that the other DD wagers would have almost certainly went differently. Nicole's DD3 wager of $3000 seemed like a very calculated move - I bet she would've gone at least a bit more if $3k hadn't been enough to get into runaway territory.

  17. If Kevin had been correct on DD1, he still would have been in third place when Tamara selected DD2 and Nicole found DD3, so it's unlikely it would have impacted either wager.

  18. Ah, good point - I thought they were both around $7k when she made the DD3 wager, but he was at $5k.

  19. Agreed - all we can say is it could have, not that it would have.

  20. HSR was able to edge out Second Chance, despite appearing later in the season.

  21. i'm not a particularly a fan of Brad Rutter, but the producers must HATE him. After all the guest-hosts, podcasts, and ancillary/BTS stuff that they bring Buzzy and even Austin in for...i get that they both have more "personality" than Brad, but you'd think they throw him a bone sometime

  22. Personality-wise, I think Brad is great on The Chase, I am also puzzled why he hasn't been used in some capacity on Jeopardy! beyond as a contestant.

  23. If you rewatch the episode even the contestants were giggling at that category.

  24. I put this in the same category as reality show stuff, which is basically what WWE is - a never-ending reality show built around physical confrontations.

  25. A paid promotion that mysteriously didn't mention WWE's biggest show of the year coming up next week.

  26. This is one of those things that makes me doubt my mastery of English. Or, to put it another way, if I spoke English like that, people would assume that I didn’t speak it all that well.

  27. If enough people say something a certain way, it eventually becomes "right", even if it isn't in a traditional sense. Such as how we can now can use "literally" when we really mean "figuratively" because so many people decided to change its meaning.

  28. They can correct in the Jeopardy round, but not in double jeopardy

  29. They can correct in DJ too, but the host won't prompt them to do so, as we saw here.

  30. I guessed Bond immediately but I don’t think of him as ruthless so I wasn’t sure.

  31. Bond was more brutal in the books than he could be portrayed on screen.

  32. I thought it was hard. You have to know reveille is played at race tracks. How would anyone know that unless you watched horse racing?

  33. If it was an audio clue and the players heard it, they probably would have gotten it.

  34. I couldn't believe that was a bottom row clue and a triple stumper. It even had the pop culture blend with Kate Upton and a picture of them to top it off

  35. If one doesn't care about sports, it's very, very easy to avoid hearing anything about it.

  36. Question about the possessive lit category: Did anyone think it was weird that, when the guy said “Who is Lady Chatterly’s lover?”, that they counted that as correct? I feel like it should’ve been considered incorrect because the answer was just lady chatterly and not the lover. Just curious to know what others think.

  37. "Lover" was in the clue, so they'll normally allow you to repeat a word from the clue in your response.

  38. That I will never retain any knowledge about Harry Potter, no matter how many clues on the subject Jeopardy! puts in front of me.

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