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  1. Damn bro, try putting some hours in real life and learn some people skills lol

  2. ironic coming from a fucking virgin discord mod with 56k+ karma posting delusional GT7 clips in a forum.

  3. Alright, I’m done. I can tell you’re too mentally ill to ever stop responding so I’m bowing out here. Go ahead and get your last word in after my post so that you can feel like you “won” the argument. Seriously, I hope you seek help and I’m not even saying that as a joke. You clearly have anger management issues.

  4. sez u. sorry u driving dirty is a trigger for me, but i'm not sorry for treating you the way you treat other drivers on INTERNET races. u wanna be a dick online? karma, bitch. do it. u wont be missed .

  5. Wait, is he mad that the green car hit him/pushed him wide at thebeginning. and then he retaliated?

  6. Awww, the br***sh boy is mad. Shouldn't you be beating your wife or something right now ?

  7. hahahaha resort to personal attacks when you get out smarted. oh the irony to say a british boy should be beating his wife..... You do know Jos literally beat the shit out of Max's mom. I'm sure Max will beat kelly if he doesn't win a race.

  8. lol i didn't even bother reading anything u said. i'm not gonna waste anymore time talking to a delsuaional fan on a sunday nonetheless. go outside and touch some grass.

  9. Wtf... for some reason I have no recollection of this game or this scoreline

  10. thats the most accurate response from a reddit/liverpool fan after being a "analyst"/judging Liveprool a week ago.

  11. Possibly Kante, Mount, and KOvacic are leaving. At this point, it's probably all true too.

  12. We have yet to see both play in the PL too. Not apples to apples. have you guys watched the formation/tactics of Nice this season? Genuinely interested since I haven't watched them at all.

  13. What? that's steel all the way to the right. most toxic igl ever in cssgo. no composure, chokes. A lot of ppl shit on seangares for not being able to hold his own fragging while IGL, but steel is MUCH worse.

  14. Wait what? I just beat Tomb Raider (2013) for thje first time. Whats the next tomb raider that I should play? im confused... No spoilers please .

  15. But he won the Prem, after years of coming short with Arsenal. That was the trade off he presumably had in mind when he chose to go to Man Utd. The equation for Kane is different as there'd be far less of a guarantee of league success if he were to join Man Utd now.

  16. I didn't say anything in my post about whether winning titles makes a player better? I simply pointed out that van Persie likely moved so that he could win a title.

  17. Costa won 2 titles whilst scoring 20 goals in each league season.

  18. omg, you're a delsuaionl chelsea fan defending this arguement based on pure biased and nostalgia.

  19. Lol you’re correcting me whilst being wrong, commonly known that spurs finished 3rd in a two horse race. Arsenal finished second to Leicester.

  20. He played instrumental parts in nearly all of our titles at some stage of the season. Whether covering for injured midfielders or being in good form and being rewarded with the starting spot. People forget how good Keita was against United, City, and Chelsea in multiple games because they are too fixated on goals/assists. He was class. Another career tainted by injuries unfortunately.

  21. Salah is weird. He should have had 4/5 goals.... But ended up with 0. Poor finishing.

  22. ThEre are some midfielders for both Leeds and Leicester that I would LOVE to have at Liverpool. wow.

  23. Well atleast the casual haters can't blame Henderson today. They are probably out of ideas at this point.

  24. As much as Sainz didn't drive his best today, his anger over the hodge podge pit calls and strategy was totally warranted.

  25. Bad take, he’s actually one of the more communicative drivers in that department

  26. Wait, How did Sainz finish behind the "weak" driver? What a fucking clown.

  27. Sainz lost 4 positions today. But the "weak driver" finished ahead of him?

  28. Sainz is an ass. People will realize that as time goes on

  29. Yup. He makes so many mistakes even in his ferrari. DNF lap 1 in austrailia. crashing into alonso in austrailia this year.

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