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  1. I played most days from chapter 1 season 3 until December 2021. Quit then because the game got too hard. Played for the first time this weekend since then and it's just as hard as ever.

  2. SBMM resets every season, so the really good players get matched with the average players for a few weeks.

  3. Few weeks? It's been like this for several years.

  4. Just tuned in and saw someone being taken out. What happened?

  5. Last day I'll be here until March 2023. Thanks for helping me win the championship everyone, currently have a 150 point lead and today's the last day in my league. See you all in the spring 👋

  6. Who are some current rookies or prospects to stash that'll be on the roster opening day 2023?

  7. I'm in a limited keeper league and want to load on prospects in the event that I may keep one or more for 2023. Who are some I should grab right now? Obvious choices like Gunner, Grayson, Alvarez, and Carroll are taken.

  8. 132 pitches and 10 runs, I wonder which manager would've allowed that??

  9. I used to play almost daily from very early 2018 to December 2021. I quit for good that month because sbmm made this game too difficult to play.

  10. What's the right rom hack for me to start out with? I used to play liquid crystal and light platinum a lot in high school about a decade ago but haven't played since.

  11. I had Ober and opponent had Lynn. If I win the championship I'm naming my team after Ober next season.

  12. They say a player retires twice: once when he retires, and once when his last former teammate retires.

  13. The last remaining teammate of Rickey Henderson retired last week so that covers over 40 years.

  14. Start Salvy or Will Smith. Smith sitting game 1.

  15. My balls want me to start Alex Cobb but my brain wants me to sit him

  16. I saw on mlb network how he has the 14th lowest ERA since he came back from the IL in June.

  17. He never really gets blown up, so I’m not really concerned about him getting bombed, but every ER/H/BB matters now

  18. I'm starting him for what it's worth. Go big or go home.

  19. Above average? The thing is, Ohtani is a top 10 hitter and top 10 pitcher. Possibly top 5 in both by the end of the season.

  20. Even though Judge’s WAR is still over a run higher than Ohtani’s? I hate that stat but isn’t that supposed to be the stat we use to judge how good a player is now?

  21. On baseball reference it's only 0.5.

  22. Alright guys. #1 seed right now is up 16 points facing someone eliminated. If he loses, I'll take over the 1 seed and earn a first round bye (I'm facing the taco rn). The 1 seed has two starters today while his opponent has three.

  23. Pure insanity.. in fact, the only team they've even had a fight with since then has been the Mets, at least that I know of.

  24. Since 6/1 the braves have the best record in MLB, Mets sixth. Mets have kept them in check so far.

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